Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guns Are Not Illegal in Japan

Was out walking around the countryside today, near some farms about 1.5 hours from Tokyo when I stumbled upon this sign by the road...

You often hear from pro-gun control advocates that Japan does not have a gun problem like the United States because guns are illegal in Japan. That is patently false.

I think this picture speaks a lot more than a thousands words...

I also would like to note how the sign includes English for foreign hunters in the area. How polite!

Want to know just how really absurd it is to compare the USA with Japan? Read this for a real eye-opener: 

Gun Control and Japan - Mike in Tokyo Rogers on the truth. If that link doesn't work, copy and paste this:


Anonymous said...

I had no idea people hunted in Japan. Or that gun ownership was permitted.

That fact slightly alters my perception of Japan in a positive way.

I wonder what they hunt for? I have a hard time picturing a Japanese deer or elk, or for that matter, do you even have rabbits over there? Probably so. Rabbits are likely a worldwide menace to gardens everywhere.

Seeing as how pheasants come from China I can sort of picture pheasants in Japan, I just can't picture a field big enough to hunt them in.

Also, your link was a very interesting viewpoint.

I kind of felt a bit sad for liberty when I read about The Great Sword Hunt.
Some people imagine a 'Great Gun Hunt' happening in the unitedstate sometime in the future. I can't imagine that happening. If it did occur, I think the result would be utter chaos. ...Maybe that is what is happening now, only it's being done incrementally with the result being small spots of chaos? Or something like that.

- RothbardianamericanHelot

Anonymous said...

An interesting article written by an Brit expat who hunts in Kyushu;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link Anonymous @ 10:48 PM.

That was an eye opener for sure. Interesting and some spectacular photos.

For some reason it seems almost bizarre to me that Japan has an over population of deer along with wild hog problems. It was bit like reading about Texas, or southern Iowa, or something.

Even more surprising (or unexpected?) to me was that women were getting more into hunting.

Too bad it's all still regulated as all get out.

- RothbardianamericanHelot

Anonymous said...

I actually thought they were illegal too, but when I was living in Utsunomiya, I realized there was a gun shop right down the street from my apartment. I was shocked, and then realized I must have just assumed it like everyone else did.

Interesting sign!

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