Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Japanese Youth of Today Don't Seem to Hate Koreans or Chinese. What's the Problem?

Concerning my most recent article entitled "Young People Don't Care - And That's a Good Thing" ( about how today's Japanese, Korean and Chinese youth seem to not hate each other like past generations did... That they don't care about nationalism like their predecessors...

I received several mails from people (older generations) who seem to misunderstand what I wrote. Perhaps I did write it poorly (I do think or people want to read into it what they want).

I never said the Japanese, Korean or Chinese kids didn't study history - International test results show they certainly do MUCH better scholastically than America kids do (but who couldn't study more?) 

My entire point was that today's Japanese youth (and Chinese and Korean youth) don't hate each other like past generations did. When viewing each other, they don't care about what happened in their grandparents generation. 

That they don't hate each other like the generations of the past did should pretty much speak for itself, no? Prejudice is a learned behavior, isn't it? These Japanese, Korean and Chinese kids don't hate each other like they did a generation ago... Or all the generations that came before that... 

Why do people have a problem with this? 

Isn't this good news?

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