Friday, June 23, 2017

New Manga: The Obesity Virus Discovered in Japan!

Obesity Virus discovered in Japan. Worldwide Panic Ensues! A tasty and blood curdling tale about the Obesity Virus and how it was invented as a biological warfare weapon by the Imperial Japanese Army in late WWII. They wanted to make the virus into a gas and drop on USA, Brit, Chinese soldiers so they would get obese and couldn't run fast... But, the massive research pigs were all killed and US soldiers ate them - thereby taking the virus back to the USA in their own bodies after the war. Now you know why there are so many obese people in the USA! Finally! 

Finally, Japan gets revenge????

いつもツイッター連載「肥満ウイルス」をご愛読ありがとうございます!ついに登場!😍「コミック版 肥満ウイルス」作:ダニー(ザ50回転ズ)🐷肥満ウイルスをどんどん広めよう!!! でまとめ読みできるよ!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of food, Counterpunch recently posted a short article on radioactive food in the Pacific:
I know little about the science behind it, but maybe I would imagine the coming glut of HFCS, aspartame, and other deadly toxins in S.A.D. food exported to the Pacific is much more dangerous than the Fukishima incident.

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