Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smart Musicians Place Songs for Free Download & Get Radio Airplay!

The title of this post says it all. It's true. Smart musicians place songs for free download on the Internet and Facebook page for fans. This gives people a chance to download and really listen to the artist to decide if they like them or not.

I am a professional music program producer in Japan. This morning, on Twitter, I was sent a notice from a band named The Mootekkis. I think I've heard the name but cannot be sure. So, being a friendly sort of guy, whenever I get a follow, I follow back.

I go to their Twitter page and see a link to a free download on their Facebook page. This is it:


I click on the bottom link and it takes me to their Facebook page. I also am pleasantly surprised to see a well designed page. Smart guys! Well done!

Even more well done when you realize that, even though the vast majority of FM radio airplay the world over is the same old boring sh*t, there's still a few DJs out there, like me, who do enjoy playing brand new artists and giving them a chance.

Well, The Mootekkis! You got your chance. I will play you tonight on Bam! on 76.1 InterFM. Tonight sometime between 9 pm ~ 10 pm.

See? Smart bands make the effort. Making the effort pays off.

See you on the radio tonight.

Oh, and by the way, Bam! Can be heard all over Japan but, just in the main broadcast area of Tokyo, is received by over 35 million homes.

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