Friday, July 8, 2011

Japan is a Great Country for Drinking, Smoking and Freedom - A Hangover is a Trophy!

If you want to drink and/or smoke freely, even in public, Japan is heaven. If you want to stop drinking or smoking, Japan is not the best place to be. This is a very free country. I can walk down any street and drink booze in public. Smoking is not prohibited in privately owned buildings. That's the way it's supposed to be. I didn't smoke last night. I quit smoking more than 2 years ago. But I sure drank a lot!

Last night I went to the Who the Bitch concert in Shibuya, and drank way too much. It was great. 

I was dreaming of staying in bed all day... Or at least sleeping late... Alas, I cannot. For one, I still feel a bit drunk. For two, I have to work. For three, I must write his blog.

By the way, the Who the Bitch show was classic! I haven't seen a band that good in a long time. This band is destined for great things. I'm destined for, at least, a full day of hangover.


For most people, having a hangover is a bad experience but I've learned that that kind of thinking is the wrong way to look at a hangover. If you think, "Oh, I feel terrible. I have a hangover. I drank too much last night." Then you will spend the day feeling poorly. Feeling poorly is not fun.

Get rid of that negative thinking. Here's the best way to deal with a hellacious hangover that was taught to me by Ray Hearn who owns a music label and concert promotion company here in Tokyo called Beat Ink; Ray says that you shouldn't think, "I feel terrible. My head hurts and I have a hangover!" You should think that your hangover is a sort of a trophy. You should say, "Wow! What a wild night I had last night! I drank way too much. What fun! What decadence!" If you do and say this, then your friends will envy you rather than feel sorry for you.

The hangover is a trophy and that trophy is proof positive of a wild and fun night out last night. So wear your hangover trophy proudly!

Stay positive like that. Don't feel sorry for yourself and remember that the hangover is merely a question of time; it is going away very soon. The memory of a great and fun night will always be with you.

The "trophy" that is your hangover is going to fade away. Enjoy it while you can. 

Trust that I am REALLY enjoying mine right now. 


Thanks to Ken Nishikawa!    


Anonymous said...

"I can walk down any street and drink booze in public."

THat is amazing, I didn't know it was like that there. I wish I could be that free here in the U.S. but alas freedom isn't tolerated much these days.

You say, "Smoking is not prohibited in privately owned buildings."

I remember what that was like when that was permitted here in the U.S., all this seems so strange to me, you in Japan being more free than me here in the U.S. in those ways, that isn't the way the masters of the universe present things to be.

The way things are over there,... You are oh so right, That's the way it's supposed to be.

I miss freedom and liberty, maybe someday it will all come back to the U.S. of A.?

Maybe tomarrow I will buy myself a bit of freedom and liberty? I'll drive my car without wearing my seatbelt ($50 fine) over to the bar and I will light up a cigarette in the bar ($50 fine) and then get kicked out (or tasered or jailed) then if I can I walk home with an open container ($100 fine plus jail,... and maybe a tasering or a beating) there goes all my extra money... wow, that's what I used to think life was like in a backwards communist African country or the Soviet Union... not-so-funny-that.

Also, I try to eat or drink some fruit after drinking and I don't get a hangover. YMMV.

- Please pardon my rant, I couldn't help it, things are not right here and most People seem to be ok with that, that's why I drink at home,... but it's not much fun.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your "rant" is wonderful. I do like and appreciate it. You are welcome at this place anytime!

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