Thursday, July 21, 2011

The US Expected Pearl Harbor! Here's Proof!

The other day, I blogged about the Japanese women's soccer team winning the World Cup. In that article, I made a mock newspaper headline that parodied the newspaper headlines right after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

While I suck at Photoshop, from some of the stuff I see coming out of other internet sites, overall, I guess I am not soooo bad. I made my mock up in less than 20 minutes.... (Pat myself on the back!)

Here it is again:

Well, at least I thought it was funny!

But, a strange thing happened while I was searching for a suitable newspaper to alter for the World Cup... I  came upon this newspaper headline which surprised me. It is dated November 30, 1941.  


This is the Hilo Hawaii Sunday paper stating that "Japan May Strike Over Weekend"!!!??? Since that is the Sunday version, "the weekend" would mean "this coming weekend." That would be December 6 or 7, 1941. That is exactly one week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Wait a minute, folks! How would a local newspaper know this... Or is this just gossip that "everyone knew anyway? That's too bizarre!... 

Or is it?

Or is this just another clustef*ck episode in US government re-writing history? Like the BS story that the so-called Civil War was about freeing the slaves? Or that the war on Iraq was to bring those people democracy? Yeah, if you believe this stuff, I have some prime Afghani oil pipelines to sell you

You draw your own conclusions as to what this means.... I think, "Surprise attack, my a*s!"

This topic about whether or not FDR knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor comes up every December. The definitive book about it is Robert Stinnett's "Day of Deceit.

Revisionist historians have been stating for years that FDR and the US government goaded Japan into war so that they could join in the fight. I think, considering US imperialist policies - even simply judging since 2001 - tend to support this thesis.....

This newspaper front cover certainly does.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Stinnet's book. Unfortunately, my own sibling would not believe the book, and my son-in-law thought it was too "conspiratorial." They would rather believe school textbooks. Public education and "university" certainly indoctrinates well.

I guess they wouldn't believe Major General Smedley Butler, either.


diego.a said...

I agree with you on everything. But why call it a crappy, local paper?

Compare it to the newspapers of today:

* Full of ads, even on the top of their web homepage.

* Repetition of government propaganda.

* Repetition of euphemisms (e.g. enhanced interrogation techniques).

* Double standards (e.g. P.R.C. uses torture, not enhanced interrogation techniques).

In fact, that newspaper of the 40s would be more accurate than today's. All you have to do is replace a few names.

From: "Reds Re-Take Rastov After Classic Move"
To: "Afghans Retake Kandahar After Classic Move".

From: "Tokyo Desperate As Talks Collapse"
To: "US Desperate As Talks Collapse".
(Proof: )

It is truly a paper of record compared to the rags we have today. *sigh*

Thanks for posting it! ;) You should turn it to be published on LRC.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Diego! You are right. I deleted "crappy"!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, another ripper blog. BTW, Churchill's book "WW2" details all this. Writing was on the wall way before the attack. The 1% running the show (and their progeny) were never going to be cannon-fodder anyway ...

But I guess WW2 was full of many erroneous calls eg. fall of Singapore, Gallipoli, Bulge etc that Hawaiians probably thought their way-distant islands couldn't possibly be subject to attack.

Anonymous' kids are subject to another form of "Conspiracy" ie the "Cordial Conspiracy" I call it ie. When you keep adding water to the sweet syrup it is so diluted that there is no kick to it. Hence texts and teaching has moved into the non-litigious, dance-around-the-facts, don't risk offending minority groups etc etc

Diego's description of today's newspapers is accurate. We should rename adspapers, as there is only a smattering of text amongst tampon, car, realty, bank ads with "journalistic" reports (I'm baffling just now) masquerading as research.

Anonymous said...

The real proof to me is that after 70 years most of the records requested by freedom of information act requests come back black lined from the 11 investigations.

Everyone is dead, why the black line?

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