Monday, July 18, 2011

War! Japanese Destroy US Defense for 2nd Time in 66 Years!

The headline read:
War!? Again? I had to find out more. I clicked the link at the It's a Wonderful Rife Blog. It said:

Japan Wins Women's World Cup of Soccer

Women's World Cup soccer final between the USA and Japan in Frankfurt, Germany, July 17, 2011. The game started off with a flurry of USA activity, hard strikes and bad luck and some fine tending by the Japanese goalie.... (snip) 
The result - a Japanese tying goal. I believe it was at the 84th minute. For two minutes after that, Japan pressured the USA driving forward like they were attacking Pearl Harbour (what - too soon for that joke?)... but the Americans held them off and starting pressure on their own... Japan was good to hold off the USA. At the end of 90 minutes (plus 2 minutes of extra time), Japan and the USA played..... 
Read more at the: It's a Wonderful Rife Blog. I see from the URL that good old Andrew who runs the Wonderful Rife blog was getting ready to be the first blogger in the world to post about Japan's loss by looking at the URL title:
See? That's dedication from a blogger for you! The guy is getting ready to post as the game is going on! 

Take that old school media!
Actually, I had no idea that this game was even going on and had no idea that Japan was in the finals. I was at a restaurant Sports-Bar type of place and was wondering why it was so crowded. Maybe it was because of this game. I don't really pay too much attention to stuff like this. I left way before the game started.

I don't like crowded places.
If anyone cares, here's what I think of this professional sports stuff in general as I wrote in "Confessions of a Pro Wrestling Announcer" (Yes. I really was a professional wresting announcer):
People pay big money to go watch pro-wrestling; it's a spectacle. But I'll tell you what, it's no more or less fixed or a spectacle than any other professional sport; It's no more or less fixed than any other "game."
My dear sister-in-law wrote a congratulatory note on Facebook to congratulating me on the win by Japan at the "big game". "What big game?" I thought. She said she didn't know I wasn't a soccer fan. I wrote back:

Generally speaking I hate all professional sports (Olympics too) as they are all too nationalistic and involved with money.

If I want to see real sports I go watch kids play. They truly play for the love of the sport and really cry when they lose.

Oh but going to a pro game and eating hotdogs and drinking beer can be fun too because that is an event. Watching on TV is just a game... Boring... Nothing to care about. Just a game... I also don't like how people sometimes get pissed off if "their team" loses. Who cares? If Japan (or USA) wins, it doesn't make me better or enrich my life. It's just big money entertainment. 

I could see someone owning, say, McDonald's stock getting excited and yelling if they "win" and their stock goes up. But what "stock" goes up if some team wins or loses?
See? People who really like sports think I am no fun. They are right. I think pro sports are Bread and Circuses for the masses. Wikipedia describes it well:

the phrase has become an adjective to describe a populace that no longer values civic virtues and the public life. To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes the triviality and frivolity that characterized the Roman Empire prior to its decline.

But, in my way twisted mind, there is one reason that I am happy whenever the Japanese women's team wins. I love it that, in a such a male dominated society, that it is the ladies team that often wins in the world arena

So I'm glad the ladies team won! Go ladies!... Whatever team you are on and whatever country you are from!

NOTE: Forgive the cheesy newspaper front page I made. It's a complete ripoff of a newspaper that I was told about when Germany defeated France in the World Cup. That one said something along the lines of "Blitzkrieg! German Forces Crush French Defense for Second Time in 60 Years!" Chuckle! Sports can be fun as long as people don't take this stuff seriously. As you can see, I don't take them seriously at all! 

UPDATE! The Japanese men's Olympics and national teams always fly first-class. But they never win. The girl's teams, on the other hand, win - yet they always fly economy class. This time, after winning, the girl's team coach and players were begging to fly back at least Business class! Now that you know this sexist BS, ask me why I always want the Japanese men's teams to lose and the women's teams to win! Read more on how the world champs are treated like second-class citizens at  Nikkan Gendai 

Thanks to Michele Rogers! 


Andrew Joseph said...

You bugger, Mike! So you were one of the 20 people who hit my blog in the two minutes I had the wrong headline up! I admit it! I had my own Dewey Defeats Truman moment! But, I did decide to own up to it:
The problem was my TV and computer were in two different rooms and was running back and forth writing as fast as I could while the penalty kicks were going on! I suppose I could have use my wife's laptop, but she won't tell me her password! Yay Japan! You'll notice in the game blog I made reference to Pearl Harbour as well! Regardless.. after all the crap Japan has gone through since March 11 - it's nice to see something the whole country can revel in! Nippon Omedeto!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Wow! You had a "Dewey Defeats Truman moment!" That's really cool! I mean, how often does that happen?

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