Amazing! Trained Goldfish Synchronized Swimming in Japan

There's this old guy in Japan that trains goldfish. Really! This is pretty amazing. Watch these four goldfish swim in formation.

The TV program is from China but the guys on camera are most definitely Japanese. This is a very cool trick but it is not trick photography as I have seen this with my own eyes in Yokohama before.

Pretty amazing:


Anonymous said…
Wow...pretty amazing. Can you tell me what they are saying? and do you know how they are making the fish move? What are they doing with their hands?
Thanks for this interesting post, Mike

Sasha Show
Anonymous said…
crazy stuff!

Bob Avery
Hi Sasha,
The guy on the left is saying stuff like, "Wow! look at that! I can't believe it! Wow!" The guy on the right is saying commands like, "Go! Go! Go! In a line, In a line..." The third voice is the Chinese TV announcer (comes on at the end) I don't speak Chinese but can imagine that he is saying things like, "Incredible but true goldfish trainer in Japan...."

Of course the fish cannot hear so I suspect that, somehow, the guy at the right is using handsignals and tapping the top of the water to signal things to the fish... Now, how he applies rules of positive reinforcement like Pavlov did? I figure your guess is as good as mine.

I have seen these trained fish (not just little goldfish either) a few times now. Pretty much a head scratcher. I've seen one guy who a one-foot carp who he had trained to roll over and allow to have his stomach petted. No joke.

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