Thursday, May 23, 2013

Isn't Japan Wonderful?

Another vignette that shows how much better life in Japan is than life in the "Greatest Country in the World." 

A letter from a friend:

Hi Mike san,

Seems like you've been busy.  I hope everything is OK in your life.   Your blogs seems less frequent, so I was wondering.
Something happened here tonight that I thought you would find interesting.  It's a small thing, but I believe it represents the spirit of Japan.  There's this certain sake that my wife and I like and it's only produced in the springtime.  It's called Do Pink.  You probably never heard of it, but it's tasty and bubbly and a powerful nigori (unclear) style. Its made in Hachimine, Akita pref.

The local sake guy ran out of it and we couldn't get more than two small bottles.  My wife searched the internet and found a liquor shop about 90 minutes away that carries it.  She called them and had them send 4 isshobin (the big bottles).  A few days later, a deliveryman brought it to our house, just a few minutes ago in fact.   I noticed we didn't have to pay upon receipt so I asked my wife if she already paid the storeowner.  
As it turned out, she had not paid.  The storeowner sent us the 4 bottles, paid for delivery, and simply put an invoice in the box.  Of course, we'll send him the money.   He doesn't know us at all, yet he trusted us to make payment. 

Could you imagine this happening in a certain large, greatest in the world country?  Store to home delivery of alcohol simply would not be permitted without great difficulty, if at all. Never mind the fact that no one sends anything, especially booze, without being paid in advance.
Isn't Japan wonderful!
Your friend,

Delivery of alcohol and no pre-payment? Yep. That's Japan - even in 2013.

Basically says it all, doesn't it?

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Jimbo said...

Wow, score one for Japan!

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