Friday, May 24, 2013

It's All a Part of the Journey

I have a friend who is a multi-millionaire. He is a very intense, dedicated and hard-working man. He is a great inspiration... He also is, perhaps, a bit crazy (but aren't we all?) The guy is a one-man business cyclone! He works constantly and has been rewarded for decency and that hard work.

"Rick" (not his real name) is the kind of person that people either love or hate. I've met some people who seem to hate him (he seems to not care). But I've also met lots of people who really love him. 

It seems the people who have bothered to take the time to really get to know him, really respect him. I do. I really respect him, but I say that being with "Rick" for too long can be a tiring experience because he is probably one of the most intense individuals you'll ever meet.

One day, I went to Rick's office and it looked as if he had just come from the dentist. He was wearing a sort of brace on his jaw. It was obvious he was in pain. He could hardly open his mouth.

I said to him, "Rick! That looks very painful. Are you alright?"

Rick smiled to me, put his hand on my shoulder and, while hardly moving his mouth because of pain, he said, "It's alright, Mike. It's all a part of the 'journey.'"

He means the 'journey of life.'

That moment so impressed me! It impressed me so much that I have adopted it into my life philosophy and it is what I tell my friends and loved ones when things (business & life) aren't going well...

And, these days, what business is going well? So, recently, I've been saying this to a lot of people. I also find I am always reminding myself of the same thing; All this pain is part of the journey.

All this pain is part of the journey.

Wow! You don't know how much that thought impresses me. 

I can admit that, my work life hasn't gone well for over 5 years now. I think I'm not alone in that area and it's been the same for most since 2008.... Things are difficult for everyone...

I think we have to always remember that this is all part of the journey and that, if we do right, and live right by other people, God and ourselves, then there will be a reward at the end of the rainbow.

When others complain to me about problems at work, and they sound like they might be depressed, I remind them (and remind myself), 

"It's alright. It's all a part of the journey."

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Alex said...

Hello Mike, Two years ago, my niece was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome and had only 6 months to live.the chances of getting 1 gene from each parent to cause this is 110 million to 1! Her internal body has been gutted and she is alive today. She said the same thing to me "this is the journey that the Almighty had set for me" Like you, since 2008 the market has not been kind to me either, but what the hay! I say to my wife, we both have our health and all the little stuff doesnt matter.

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