Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crowd Funding? WTF? Yes!

I started producing, directing and co-hosting a 5 hour Friday morning FM radio show on 76.1 InterFM. The show is entitled, "WTF?" 

.....What!? That's not a foul name? "WTF?" Means, "What the Friday?" (Kind of like "TGIF" means, "Thank God it's Friday" and NOT "Thank God it's F*cked!") Heavens! What kind of a people have you been hanging out with? Now, go wash your brain out with soap and water! What if your mother ever found out what you were thinking? You should be ashamed!

Anyway, the show is going well. It's not your typical Japanese FM radio show (boring) and we are loud, laugh and play loud music. You can see the WTF? program web page here

The other day, we had a gentleman by the name of Yu Sasamoto, the head cheese of WESYM, as a guest on the show and he told us about "Crowd Funding." You might have heard of Crowd Funding but weren't too sure of what it was. Yu explained it all to us. 

Crowd Funding is a way for people (without deep financial backing) to get their fans and friends to help fund their projects. It's a boom in the west and just starting out in Japan.

Being the kind of guy who doesn't quite understand this new-fangled "Internets" thingy, I decided that the best way to learn wasn't reading the "Users Manual" but by just jumping in and doing it! So we started our own Crowd Funding effort.

In this effort, I want to do three things:

1) I want to fund a product for program merchandise 
2) I want to help build a buzz for my program
3) I want to help build "community"
4) I want to take the extra proceeds and help out my favorite charity: Children with Incurable Diseases (That's me as Santa!) (If that link doesn't work, use this:

The campaign just started yesterday and I think it is going OK! 

Crowd Funding seems like a great idea and I want to do more if the future! See below the actual page for our effort. Crowd Funding is cool!

Japan's Radio Show X Crowd Funding: Engaging with listeners.

About the Project

Hello Japan!
I am Mike Rogers and I have a show every Friday on InterFM, a radio station in Tokyo.
Our program was renewed this April and is delivered to those who look forward to Friday every week. Don't forget to tune in!

For most of us, Friday is a great day just before the weekend. That's why the phrase TGIF (Thank God It's Friday). On this happy Friday, we have a great show called WTF!? What The Friday.

The show airs every Friday mornings with George Williams and Taro for 5 hours, providing the hottest info on music before anyone else along with easy listening music such as cross over Jazz. We only air once a week, so don't miss it. You not only get a great start to your Friday, but also get great information to make the most out of your weekend.

So why are we starting crowd funding on WESYM?

We want to create cool & fun goodies, as well as, events with our listeners and crowd funding is a great tool to make this happen.

Would you be interested in a private party on a cruiser with great food and music with the WTF!? Staff and listeners? Anything is possible.

For starters, we came up with an idea to create an original magnet that you can stick on your fridge. People who support the project will automatically get a cool WTF!? magnet.

We want at least 200 supporters for this project! So, help us spread the words to make it happen!

What? You rather have a T-Shirt? No problem. We can start another project or add a gift to this project.

Crowd funding is all about a community of fans or supporters making a fun idea a reality. It is somewhat similar to the European soccer team Barcelona being supported and funded by its fans. For us, our supporters are our listners. We would luv to create something with our supporters that everyone can enjoy and be a part of together.

Don't be shy if you have great ideas on what we can do together. Will be sharing ideas on a regular basis on WTF!? What the Friday!

◇ Return to the project supporters;

500 SEEDs will get you an original WTF!? Magnet. This is to show you are an official member of WTF!? What The Friday
You get TWO magnets for 500 SEEDs. One is signed by George, Taro and Mike. Another one is for you to either keep or give it away to your friends!

*When we exceed the required SEEDs to produce the magnet, we are to donate them to"Children with Incurable Diseases"

▼ We plan to use the design below.

Check out our program blog as well!


LAGUNA´S said...

what's up with the japanese radio stations not streaming outside of their country?

LAGUNA´S said...

whats's up with japanese radio stations not streaming outside of japan?

Anonymous said...

"whats's up with japanese radio stations not streaming outside of japan?"

Maybe it has to do with the flip flopping of the gold market?

Tonite it's down, what's up with that? $1.100 here we come?
How bizarre.

Heh, I wonder if there's a Japanese version of that song?

Control, control, control. It's obsessive for TPTB.

Dang, and I'm having difficulty proving I'm not a robot, again.

- IndividualAudienceMember

Unknown said...

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