Friday, May 10, 2013

Japanese Bras Perform Better Than Japan Central Bank (Or Japanese Tits and Economics)

I do a 5 hour live radio show every Friday....

The big topic today was the "Abenomics Bra."

(True story) a company has come out with the Abenomics bra. It is supposed to help Japanese women support the economy by lifting and separating... (Yeah, lifting 2% - like Abe's inflation target - and "separating" like "Separating you from your money)... Really. I'm not making this shit up. (How the hell COULD you make this shit up?) See? Please refer to "The Abenomics Bra"

This blows my minds. This news was announced yesterday. This morning the JPY (Japanese yen to US dollar) rate was ¥100.60 to the dollar.

As of this moment, the yen is ¥103.31 to the US dollar.

I guess bras work just as well as Japanese Central Bank intervention for screwing up the economy.

Don't believe me? See this for the few idiots who think my prognostications on the Japanese economy (and Bitcoin) are wrong: Japanese Government Bonds Halted Limit Down; Yields Spike To 10 Week High; Worst Day In 5 Years 

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