Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Japan Wasted $78 Billion on Global Warming Research

Don't even get me started on this. (Click on "play" for the video then read on to the story.)
Spinal Tap- Gimme Some Money
The Business Insider reports:
Japan spent an impressive $78 billion on global warming research in the past six years. However, none of 214 projects produced effective results, according to an official report featured in Japan Times.
This "fruitless" spending is under scrutiny as the government suffers under a heavy debt burden.
For one, the government shouldn't be in the business of "science." For two, they need to cut spending. Here's an excellent example of how AGW does fuel a big business scam to take our tax money and waste it on useless government projects:
The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry spent about ¥1.6 billion on a project to produce livestock feedstuff from unsold boxed lunches from convenience stores. The project was abandoned after its management firm collapsed, the report says.
Yeah. Yeah... AGW deniers are all in the employ of the oil companies, right? Well, who needs oil companies when the government steals our money through taxes and then wastes it on nonsense like this?

Of course we should care for the environment and try to preserve it for future generations. But when the government tells us that they need to tax us more for such purposes, that should raise a red flag to any person who is not brain-dead.

Protect the environment for our children! Think globally, act locally. We don't need the government to interfere.

Hell, they can't even repair a pothole in the road without being late and way over budget. What makes anyone think they could protect the entire  earth?

Hasn't the government screwed everything up enough as it is?
The Japanese government wastes money on this sort of nonsense and then wants to raise taxes to pay for government debt? I hope the Japanese have the energy for some Egyptian style demonstrations.

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a government that absolutely will NOT admit its mistakes?

Japan is supposed to have as much, if not more, geothermal resources as Indonesia (40,000 megawatts) but won't reevaluate its nuclear program. Worse yet, Japan has the most safest, cheapest, and smallest nuclear power plant in the world (Toshiba's 4S nuclear battery) and the idiots in the government WON'T ENDORSE IT.

The politicians in Japan are on the take, along with the rest of the global warming whistle blowers...

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that government 'direct action' will not work and the only way forward is a market based mechanism i.e. a price on carbon.


Anonymous said...

A price on carbon? You mean Carbon Trading? Haven't you heard? That plan is D.O.A.

Owen A.

Anonymous said...

A carbon tax is the (urgent) answer.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please tell these people that the scheme to sell “carbon credits” for the right to emit carbon dioxide (CO2) has gone bust? It's old news. Even the Chicago Exchange created to foster this “global warming” fraud has closed its doors. Don't these people read?

Oh, yeah. They still believe in AGW... That's right. They don't read. Well, here's a link anyway:

wunsacon said...

>> Protect the environment for our children! Think globally, act locally. We don't need the government to interfere.

Yes, we do. I'm not going to protect the environment if I know other people don't share my burden. I will not reduce my standard of living without knowing other people are doing the same.

wunsacon said...

Do I think "carbon trading" is another scam opportunity for Wall Street? Yes. So, I favor a carbon tax.

Does the government have to pick the "winning" alternative energy? No. I favor a carbon tax. And no gov beaurocracy to try to pick winners, because I expect free market entrepreneurs will create winning alternatives.

Bottom line: you can believe in AGW and in the role of fighting it without supporting Big Gov. Don't conflate these ideas (in case any of you were).

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? You don't support a government beaurocracy (sic), yet you want a carbon tax!? WTF? The government is the one who collects the taxes. Can't you see the incredibly foolhardy contradiction in your nonsense?

You AGW people are kidding yourselves. Wake up!

Owen A.

Anonymous said...

wunsacon, just because you lack and courage and foresight to act first and lead doesn't mean you can use the coercive and violent power of the state to make others pay for your weakness.

Anonymous said...

For a country that is $11 trillion in debt to spend an incredible 0.7% of this on research that everyone knows would never face an honest peer review process is absolutely scandalous.

If you consider the billions more probably spent on research using AGW as the justification it probably gets closer to 1% of the coervice burden on future generations wasted in this manner.

Incidently you mention oil companies, not even the largest oil companies can boast an R&D budget anywhere near this scale and they spend their budgets primarily on production techniques not on disproving global warming. Yet again we see another baseless accusation against those who think rationally.

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