Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Politician's Will Say Anything for a Vote - Letters From Iwo Jima

Politicians will say any stupid thing for a vote. Japan's current prime minister, Naoto Kan, is no different from any of the rest. I thought former prime minister Hatoyama was a clown, but this guy makes Hatoyama look like Freaking Einstein.

I am disgusted that these idiots would sell their souls for political votes. I more disgusted that people buy this crap.

I am even more disgusted that politicians can find more new ways to make me disgusted.

What is it that they want to say? "Vote for me and I will honor your grandfathers?"

These people make me sick. They will say anything in order to get votes.

The other day, Japanese PM, Naoto Kan actually had the balls (idiocy) to say in public that he was going to dig up the bones of the Japanese soldiers who died in caves defending Iwo Jima and give them a proper burial.

Yeah, right.

Letters from Iwo Jima. These people are from a different 
universe. They died the way they did because of their
beliefs. Leave them alone. Haven't they suffered enough?

What a dolt this Naoto Kan is. Hello? Mr. Prime Minister? You do know that the Japanese soldiers did not fight on the beaches, but fought in tunnels and caves? Some of those caves were tens of meters - hundreds of meters - underground. How in the hell are you going to dig these remains up, Mr. Clown? 

From Google:

Japan's prime minister vowed at a memorial ceremony Tuesday to find the remains of the estimated 12,000 soldiers who are still missing from the battle of Iwo Jima, one of the bloodiest and most symbolic campaigns of World War II. Naoto Kan, who has set the ongoing search for Iwo Jima's dead as a top government priority, made the comments at a ceremony to inter 822 sets of remains recovered last year -- the largest annual figure in four decades. "There remain many fallen soldiers," he said. "We vow to find them as soon as possible. We will do all we can to facilitate searches for them."

"As soon as possible"? What a screaming wanker this guy is. Yeah! And I'm going to rid the world of injustice and quit drinking too much "as soon as possible."

How is it that people are so stupid that they can sit there and listen to this crap at a public meeting and not want to throw rotten fruits at these clowns and strangle him?

Here's a good reason why this will never happen. This is a movie - merely a representation - but it does faithfully (I believe) represent just how many Japanese soldiers did not - do not want - to this day - to return to Japan.... ever!  

The ending of this movie. The ending of this video... So many letters. Yet they never were delivered. Yet, they will never ever be delivered. These people died an honorable - or at least what they thought was an honorable - death. 

Don't make them suffer anymore than they have already. Leave them alone!

Let them rest in peace. 

That you, Kan, would use these poor people as a tool to get votes disgusts me to to no end. Resign and do yourself the favor of not having to face he embarrassment of a total popular political defeat.


Anonymous said...

I'd sell my soul for a politician that says "Vote for me and I will honor your children", then stands by it.

Andy "In Japan" said...

I would support Kan if he,himself, all by himself and on his own dime, went to Iwo Jima and crawled into the caves to dig up the bodies.

What he said and what he meant is different. He meant that he was going to steal money from tax payers and use it to pay his friends so they can profit from digging around Iwo Jima, maybe finding some bones from former soldiers who's lives were needlessly ended by the prior regime.

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