Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great promotion comes in all shapes and sizes

Great promotion comes in all shapes and sizes and in all media too.

Within a week of a massive Tokyo FM poster campaign in several of the major Tokyo subway lines, that feature his smiling face, George Williams now graces the cover of Bicycle Navi, the biggest and most widely read magazine for bicycling enthusiasts in Japan.

Being seen anywhere and everywhere is the best way to stick into people's mind's. Making the effort everyday is what counts. 

Work on traditional methods, but, of course, make the efforts on the Internet and new methods too.

Sure, you are busy. We're all busy. But this is not a question of finding time, it is a question of deciding: Are you going to do it, or not? 

Climbing that mountain is not an easy chore. It takes a consistent effort. It doesn't take giant steps once in a while, it takes small steps everyday. 

Here is the poster with George Williams that now appears in the Tokyo Subway system too!

As Diana Ross once said, "Show business is not success, it is survival." George has been a great success at surviving for over 23 years!

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