Monday, February 21, 2011

Men in Japan Wake Up With a Woody. The Girl's Love it Too!

I love living in Japan. Amongst being in a society with civilized people, great food and tons of things to do, Japan has the weirdest festivals and shrines. You just got to love it. 

Japan has festivals all the time. One of my favorites is the Penis Festival in Kawasaki. This is a fertility rite that started many years ago when Japan was a desperately poor country and bearing children was difficult. It is much like the Boob Shrine.

Japanese girls love the Penis
Festival too!

Here's another festival that was held day before yesterday. It's the Naked Festival down in Okayama near Hiroshima.

The headline of this article cracked me up. From the Japan Times:

Men reach for sacred wood at 'Naked Festival'

Oh yes. To be young and frisky again. I remember when I was young, I would wake up with wood every morning. Ah those memories. But, no! That's not what they are talking about here in this story. They are talking about another bizarre festival. Read on:

About 9,000 men dressed in nothing but white "fundoshi" (loin cloths) gathered Saturday night in the city of Okayama for an offbeat competition to chase after two sacred sticks thrown by a monk. The men who manage to snatch the wood and leave with it from Seidaiji Temple in Higashi Ward are recognized as the "lucky men" of the year. The Seidaiji Eyo competition, also known as the "Naked Festival," is widely recognized as one of the "three oddest festivals" in the nation.

Guy's all grabbing for wood at this year's Naked Festival

Thanks to News on Japan


Andy "In Japan" said...

Mike loves Japan because "Amongst being in a society with civilized people, great food and tons of things to do...". Holy cow, Mike, how can you forget to put beautiful women on your list of reasons to love Japan?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

I know, I know, Andy... I never forget about the beautiful Japanese women.... I just don't want my wife to know that I am thinking about that ALL THE TIME!

KonaCin said...

OMG, LMAO Mike! I've never seen anything like this, and will have to share this with everyone I know. There is an internet radio station called WOODY RADIO whose slogan is "We rock you hard." I'll have to forward them this article! Great to have some levity in this time. Mahalo! : )

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