Friday, July 29, 2011

Dolphin Hunters and People Who Hunt Them!

As if Japan doesn't have enough problems as it is! Now we actually have the police preparing to protect the dolphin hunters from possible attacks from lunatics! 

"Over 90% of all species that have ever lived on this planet are gone.
Extinct... We didn't kill them all..."

Remember a while back when that Kiwi lunatic attacked the Japanese fishermen? Yeah, well the Japanese police are now preparing for just another such incident and is getting ready to make sure that it doesn't happen.

It's the same people who also claim AGW is destroying the world along with whale and dolphin hunting (those dolphins are not an endangered species, by the way). And by killing those dolphins those fishermen are all somehow ruining the environment. 

We now have the parade of idiots growing as the Japanese government is sending out the SWAT teams to protect the fishermen from psychotic left wing fruitcakes. 

I've already written what I think about this nonsense in Japan Bans the Cove and Other Atrocities.

But really? Police protection for dolphin hunters!?

Is this for real?

The Associated Press reports that the Japan police hold security drill for dolphin hunt:

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese police and coast guard officers have held a security drill to practice protecting a village from protesters during its annual dolphin hunt.
Wakayama prefectural police official says Wednesday's drill was aimed at guarding the southwestern town of Taiji from protesters before hunting season starts in September. About 100 law enforcement officers gathered in the bay where the Oscar-winning film "The Cove" was filmed.
The officers practiced responding to a ship carrying several activists intruding the bay and damaging afishnet. The official said the drill ended safely without incident.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons.
Japan allows about 20,000 dolphins to be caught each year. Most Japanese have never eaten dolphin meat but the government defends the hunts as tradition.

As if Japan doesn't already have enough trouble as it is. Now we have to worry about, dare I say? Pro-dolphin terrorists? This is ridiculous...

The pro side to the hunting argument says that Whale and dolphin hunting in Japan go back centuries. The anti-side says that whale hunting is depleting the species. Well, you don't hear Japanese complaining about westerners hunting, say, deer (which are rapidly disappearing from the United States)... Maybe it's because not enough Japanese have seen Bambi. 

The dolphin hunting? Well, those aren't an endangered species at all but, I guess some people think they are cute so they don't want them killed. You can be sure that many westerners have seen Flipper on TV! Or the crowd against dolphin hunting (in their twisted logic) say that the dolphins shouldn't be killed and eaten as the meat is pumped full of mercury and so it is poisonous to eat. If so, then that's great, isn't it? Then let these people kill the dolphins, eat the meat and then they die. Problem solved!

My thinking? If dolphin hunting is so important and so profitable, let the dolphin hunters pay for their own protection. Why does the average tax payer have to pay for this? As for the lunatics who would attack these fishermen, they should be arrested and put in prison as any criminal would be who commits a felony.

But the police actually having drills to protect the fishermen in case of an attack? What utter insanity from start to finish. This world is quickly going nuts.


Anonymous said...

Great Carlin video!

Anonymous said...

"But the police actually having drills to protect the fishermen in case of an attack? What utter insanity from start to finish."

So you're saying it's insane for the police to protect the fishermen. Why? Isn't that what the police are there for? Or would you prefer the police spend their time intimidating the population?

Would it be insane for the police to protect workers who want to work while a union is on strike? Of course not! That's what they're there for! How is this any different? It isn't!

I agree: the police shouldn't HAVE to do this, because the fishermen should not be in danger. But clearly, someone somewhere thinks there is a serious risk.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

No, Mark, I don't agree at all. Why should our taxes be spent on protecting private businesses? You ask, "Would it be insane for the police to protect workers who want to work while a union is on strike?" Yes it would.

Protecting private business is what we have private security companies for... You don't see policemen protecting money being moved by private security companies from bank to banks do you?

Why do you and I need to be taxed to protect private business concerns?

Of course, I don't want the police to intimidate the citizenry and that black & white example of yours is incorrect and illogical. It's not one or the other at all. This is clearly an expansion of the state and state powers.

If private businesses think there is a risk, they should hire their own protection... It's called the free market.

Anonymous said...

Just another encroachment of the state into the affairs of people's lives... And, of course, another excuse to expand that very same state.

Anonymous said...

"...deer (which are rapidly disappearing from the United States)"

That was sarcasm wasn't it?

So many deer, deer are everywhere here, they're like rabbits. The deer are so bad here some cities have to have special bow hunts and hire night snipers to thin the herds.

The bunny-huggers get real freaked out about bow hunters hunting during special seasons in city parks, but for some reason none of them are attacking the bow hunters. Could be because the bow hunters have arrows?

It is a crime in my state to interfere with the hunt, but on the spot police protection would be weird and would probably offend the manliness of most hunters, if manliness is the correct word to use, because some hunters are women and they'd be offended just the same too I think.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Deer population explosion, eh? I stand corrected. Yeah,... But you have a good idea! Maybe Japan should arm the fishermen with things like spearguns and harpoon cannon.... Torpedoes, too? Yes! The possibilities are endless!

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for the clarification. So you're an anarchist, not a minarchist, then? (

(BTW, have you read Radio FreeMarket founder Michael Kay's essay on Reality Economics and Peaceful Cooperation?)

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Hey Marc, my friend, Even more than an anarchist, I'm a GrouchoMarxanarchist:

Groucho Marx - I'm Against it.

Unrealistic? Yes... But let me dream, my friend!!!! Marc, I owe you a beer!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Oh, and thanks for the great link. I'll check it tomorrow!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

If you do a quick search of comments related to Japanese whaling and compare this to comments made to other whaling nations which happen to be Northern European - you'll see that the comments made to the Japanese are often reeking with racism and more violent than the ones they make to other whaling nations.

Anonymous said...

I read in a hunting article somewhere there are more whitetail deer in the unitedstate now than there Ever has been.

The wild pig numbers are getting up there too. They are such destructive and dangerous animals.

I wonder why the People that want to save the dolphins and the wild horses and such don't try to save the wild pigs? Does bigotry apply to animal preferences too? "Save the dolphins! Ignore the plight of the wild pig!" What a mixed up world.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

RE: Feral Hogs
There is a huge discussion about this and there is a rift between environmental conservationists and animal activists.
The animal activists feel the hogs should not be killed even if they destroy the environment. The environmental conservationists want to kill them and protect the ecosystem.

Anonymous said...

The murder of these intelligent beautiful creatures should be forbidden. you tube has footage of the brutal herding of these earthlings, lifted out of the water by their tails and left to suffocate as they writh in agony, belching blood from their severved throats.

These butchers need yo deeply consider their actions and switch to a more honourable occupation like growing rice.

Fishermen? Butchers.

These are mammals not fish.

Anonymous said...

Gee, you've never been on a deer hunt, have you?

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