Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sex, the Truth and Blogging...

"If the truth is that ugly -- which it is -- then we do have to be careful about the way that we tell the truth. But to somehow say that telling the truth should be avoided because people may respond badly to the truth seems bizarre to me." --Chuck Skoro, Deacon, St. Paul's Catholic Church

Up to my ears in stuff to do and the pressure is really on. Just wanted to jot down and observation about blogging that I've made this week... With one tip on how you bloggers can increase access to your blog. Are you sitting down? OK. Here goes:

Sex and sensationalism sells.

No big surprise there. It could be, though, a bit of a let down for some people. I'm sure there are lots of bloggers who were hoping the the perceived younger generation of people that use the internet more frequently than older people who seem to use the old mass media more often might be more interested in truth and details and facts.

Maybe not. I see from several news sources that I frequent, that they are always running funding campaigns because they are always short of money. These are news and opinion sites that, if you delve deeply enough, you can find news and political and economic thought that will change your life. It's such common sense.

But, alas. From judging what has gone on through doing this exercise that I call a "my blog" I can see from experience that:

1) "Sex" in titles of blog posts do well
2) Sensationalistic titles do well
3) Inflammatory titles do pretty well
4) Humor does pretty well
5) Humor performs awesomely well when I add "Sex" with a sensationalist, inflammatory title! Yesterday's Olympics and Sex story was one of the most read posts I've had in a week!

I suppose that this is not a lament. I started this blog as an experiment and it remains that way. 

Blogger Hint:
Here's a way to increase hits to your blog when adding photos.
Never use photos with non-decscript titles. 
For example: Photo002.jpg is a "No-No!" 
I pulled this photo off the internet and renamed it 
"Sexy Japanese Babe" that way, when someone searches that,
they will be directed to this blog. No one searches, "Photo002!"
Doing this will increase accesses to your blog.

I guess that with the failing economy and a poor employment situation people look for an escape... I reckon that guys, as they have since the dawn of time, think often with their hormones and not with their brains...

That's OK. Bloggers should understand this. Do we want to be like a politician and go for populist policies? Or do we do what we wanna do?

For this blog, I will be populist as if the title were, "The Truth and Blogging" I would get few readers. Seriously, I'd predict between 30 to 50 in one day for this post. But since I added, "Sex" to the title, I might expect 200 or more. I think many bloggers could benefit from this information.

Just a fact and a truth about blogging in 2011.  

Thanks to What Really Happened for the quote


Andrew Joseph said...

Thanks for the advice, Mike. I will be re-naming my blog to Japan - It's a Wonderful Sex Life.
Sunday's blogging was by far the best day I've had for visitors, as apparently soccer sells! It is the world's most popular sport - despite you not being into it... and that's cool. Surprisingly, the majority of my hits were from the US of A looking for information on the Japanese women's team!
How do you feel about utilizing other people's photos in your blog? Is it legal or dishonest or fair game? Just curious.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Using others photos is bad, huh? I didn't really think about it. I mean, they are free off a google search. Hmmm.... I think using others people photos would be definitely dishonest if I were making money off of them and not paying a royalty. Gee, do you think I am wrong?

Murasaki Shikibu said...

I personally don't use photographs from the Internet, because I've heard about all the grief that can come from it (you'd be surprised at how much hysteria there is in the food blogging world), but I wouldn't really get hysterical if someone used my photographs generally speaking. If I need to refer to another photograph, I usually link to it, but won't post the photo on my blog (to be on the safe side)!

Jimbo said...

As an experiment, I did a google image search of "sexy japanese babe" and the first two images were from your blog. Well done!

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