Monday, September 19, 2011

Reminders of Why I Love Japan so Much

Sometimes we get snowed under with all the daily things going on.

There are many things on my mind this morning. For one, there is a parents and teachers meeting at my son's school today and I suspect (but hope not) that I will get asked many questions about the poor boy who passed away. I don't know anything more than I have already written. What more is there to know, anyway?

My mind and heart are heavy.

Though, through it all, god (or the giant electrode in the sky) sends me a message and reminds me of why I love Japan so much and why being here is such a wonderful thing and why right now is a great time to be alive.

Children at a festival

Beautiful shrine in Tochigi in spring

For much much more see Jimbo's Japan!


Andrew Joseph said...

Agreed! Well done Jimbo!

Andy "In Japan" said...

Japan is unbelievable. Hundreds of times a day I think to myself "I've died and gone to heaven". That was this weekend in Sendai.

It was hot. As hot as the hottest day in summer and humid. So the beautiful girls were wearing super short hot pants, and frilly short skirts, and Oh my god everything.

Beyond my lechery, Japanese women spend a great deal of time and effort to make themselves beautiful in many ways, including personality. This adds beauty to life. I believe this is one of the natural attributes of women.

We don't have this in America. The inner and outer ugliness of American women subtracts from life there. Fat, slovenly, loud mouthed and demanding.

I love Japan.

Jimbo said...

Thanks a lot Mike! I'm very happy that I could brighten your day with a reminder of the simpler things in life. Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures on the way. :)

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