Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teenage Transvestites, Gays, Racists, Murderers, and a Society Gone Mad: USA 2011

One might think that the title of this post to be the script for some outrageous movie plot ala Rocky Horror Picture Show or even some modern day Japanese Horror Splatter film. But it is not. This is a story about a very sick ethnocentric and very narcissist society.

Week before last, I went to the USA to visit my ailing father. He is basically bedridden so he watches the TV constantly. That meant, to spend time with him, I had to sit and watch the TV constantly. Torture!

Oh, how things have changed in the USA, and most assuredly not for the better. (Be prepared, for this is, once again, a strong critique of my native country. If you don't want to read more of my reasoning why the USA has gone stark raving mad, then stop reading right now.)

I went to Jr. high school and high school in a town on the west coast. I suppose we were the typical schools with typical school problems. As a junior high school student, I spent most of my time trying to avoid getting beat up by the jock meathead white kids and the Mexican kids.

The white kids generally left me alone because they thought I was white. The Hispanics usually left me alone because they thought I was half-Mexican. I allowed them all to think whatever they wanted as long as it allowed me not to have a bloody nose, bashed up head or ripped shirt.

I can say that my strategy worked, for the most part, pretty well, throughout my school years. I don't recall ever having my a*s used as a soccer ball.

The first day, while sitting in front of the TV and watching the local news with my dad, I struggled to keep my eyes open (it wasn't just jet-lag either)... Suddenly, the news caster came on and scowled. He proclaimed, "The trial of the murder of a transsexual Jr. high school student in Oxnard that has captured the attention of the entire world... Up next!"

On to a commercial about some processed foods that make American kids fat and unhealthy.

I sat up. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? I asked my dad. He concurred. "Transvestite jr. high school student? Murder? Captured the world? What!?"

I complained. I said to my dad, "This country has gone nuts. Besides that, people in this country are so ethno-centric that they think the entire world revolves around what is going on in West Los Angeles. Well, I work in the news in Japan and I have never heard of this story before. So trust that no one else has either. And I certainly doubt that most people around the world have (as if, for example, brown-skinned men, women and children in the middle east who have the USA and her NATO allies bombing their houses and killing their brothers and sisters 24/7 don't already have enough to worry about and would actually care (or even comprehend) a story about some kid shooting another kid who dresses like a woman in a city called Oxnard of all places! Absurd!)

But I digress. 

For the convenience of dear reader, and to bring you up to speed on this story, from the ABC local affiliate in the area:

CHATSWORTH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Ventura County Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell has declared a mistrial in the Brandon McInerney murder case.
The jury was unable to reach consensus despite Campbell ordering the panel to reconvene.
McInerney was being tried for murder with a hate-crime enhancement in the shooting death of classmate Lawrence King in 2008.
McInerney, then 14, shot King twice in the back of the head in a classroom at E.O. Green Junior High School.
The prosecution alleged McInerney had planned to shoot King over unwanted sexual advances, and said that McInerney had white-supremacist leanings.
The defense contended McInerney had a violent upbringing in a rough household and that he snapped when King, who was gay, made repeated comments to McInerney.
McInerney, now 17, was tried as an adult.
The nine-woman, three-man jury panel said the last vote resulted in seven in favor of voluntary manslaughter and five for first- or second-degree murder.
The trial was moved to Los Angeles County due to media coverage.
The jury began deliberations last Friday.
In 2008, right after the incident, the Daily Beast reported in Young, Gay and Murdered:
At 15, Lawrence King was small—5 feet 1 inch—but very hard to miss. In January, he started to show up for class at Oxnard, Calif.'s E. O. Green Junior High School decked out in women's accessories. On some days, he would slick up his curly hair in a Prince-like bouffant. Sometimes he'd paint his fingernails hot pink and dab glitter or white foundation on his cheeks. "He wore makeup better than I did," says Marissa Moreno, 13, one of his classmates. He bought a pair of stilettos at Target, and he couldn't have been prouder if he had on a varsity football jersey. He thought nothing of chasing the boys around the school in them, teetering as he ran.
Intelligent commentators about this story should have a problem knowing where to even begin; Hate crime? White-supremacist leanings? 15-year-old showing up for school in women's accessories? 15-year-old gay? Murder? Junior High School!?
Read that last one again: Junior High School!? 
I seen you in the mirror when the story began and
I fell in love with you, I love yer mortal sin
Your brains are locked away, but I love your company
I only ever leave you when you got no money
I got no emotions for anybody else, you better understand
I'm in love with myself, myself
my beautiful self
I've got no feelings, no feelings, 

I've got no feelings for anybody else
except for myself
Utter and sheer madness. This news story ran over and over while I was in the USA. It was one of the big stories of the day. (As an aside, you can read what I think about mass media sensationalism here, if you like.)
The day after seeing this story for the first time, some of the kind nurses came over to attend to my father. Once again, the TV was on. Once again, this news story aired.
My father said something stupid like, "They ought to let that kid go! He was teased by the transvestite."
The lady he lives with made some sort of remark about how he is a murderer and must pay.
I tried to hide my face as I rolled my eyes. It reminded me of the great writer Thomas Pynchon's quote from Gravity's Rainbow: "Get people asking the wrong questions and you don't have to worry about the answers."
The chief nurse, who is married to a Japanese American looked at me and asked me what I thought of all this. 
I hesitated to answer. It's been my experience that, nowadays, it is very difficult to deal with most Americans and it is often best to keep one's opinions to one's self. Not all, but many of today's Americans are quite the opinionated group, especially on subjects they know little about.
Confucius say: "Never argue with a fool, he may be doing the same thing." And, "The only person to argue with a fool is a bigger fool." I try to, as much as I can, keep my mouth shut. It usually makes me the most intelligent person in the room. Please refer to the Value of Silence at Meetings.
But, once again, I digress.
The nurse asked me again. I did something stupid. I opened my mouth. I said my opinion. Here's what it was concerning this mess:
1) Whether or not this boy should be guilty or innocent is, I think, looking at the symptoms of the problem and not the cause of the problem itself. I cannot comment on this one particular case. I do believe that this is a microcosm of a bigger problem. And that problem is that the USA today has become a sick society full of sick people because of big government policies that have eroded societies' morals and the family structure. It's amazing how bad things have gotten in the 27 years I've been gone.
Years of government programs that put people on the dole have created an entitlement society whereby people all think they deserve something for nothing. Nobody deserves anything and life owes no one anything. Yet, these social welfare plans have destroyed the family system. We have little crime in Japan for many reasons, but one big one is that, in many houses, the grandparents still live with their children and those children's children. How many households in the USA still have three generations living together in them and learning about responsibility and caring for each other?
2) This has lead to a situation in the USA where people are not wont to examine their own shortcomings and failures and are always interested in other people's problems and worries. Anyone can watch TV here for one minute and see that. People in the USA should take a cue from Japan and mind their own business.
3) On that note, what difference does it make to you or me whether or not Johnny and Ronnie want to get married? Who cares? It's not your business or mine if two men or women want to marry. It most certainly is not the business of the government to make laws concerning such either. Are people happy paying such high taxes so that these clowns in government can spend their time legislating what kind of behavior goes on in someones house?
And that goes for many other things too. Take abortion, for example; if some woman wants to get an abortion (I like to think no one wants to get an abortion, but some feel a need too) then what business is that of yours and mine? It's none of our business and none of he business of the central government either. An abortion is the business of that woman and her god and, hopefully, her husband or boyfriend.
Items 1, 2 and 3, above (among other things) have all contributed to make this country a politically correct nightmare that has no common sense and no basis in reality. That brings me to number...
4) This entire affair is a good example of just how nuts the USA has become in these last few years. In the USA, a boy can be expelled from school for wearing a T-shirt that is not flattering to the president, but another boy, in another town, can dress like a woman and tease and harass other boys and not get at least suspended? Don't these schools have dress codes?
My local friends in the area tell me that there are dress codes, but when it comes to sexuality or morality, school officials are afraid to enforce. Never mind the problems when kids insult the our political leader. In that case, school officials know they won't get sued as America in 2011 is a fascist dream come true. 
But a guy dressing like that character named Klinger (the transvestite played by Jamie Farr) in the TV show MASH? No way. He is untouchable. We wouldn't want to hurt any one's sensibilities, you know.
I could go on and on about what I see are the problems. But I won't. I won't because it doesn't matter. For America in 2011, the debate is not heard, nor is it even desired.
The people are running around confused and wondering, "What's happened to our beautiful country?" The power's that be are satisfied with the situation as it is. When the people spend their time debating the wrong issues and asking the wrong questions, then, you can be sure, that the people will always be getting the wrong answers. And that's, in a nutshell, what's wrong with America today.
Finally allow me to show off my skills as a poet with this rendition of an old English favorite about the Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers, who is rumored to have highly suspect morals. I have updated it for today's modern American society. Enjoy!:
George Porgie USA (Version 2011)
George Porgie pudding and pie,
Kissed the boys and made them cry,
When the boy came back next day,
George Porgie had two bullet holes in the back of his head 


UPDATE: Like I said, this entire episode reminds me of some insane horror movie. I have told several Japanese people about this incident and they were all incredulous. I mean, really, in any sane society, people wouldn't believe it. Some of my Japanese friends didn't want to believe it, but they know I wouldn't lie to them.

The problem is that it is real and people in the USA are living it.


NOTES: In Japan, a story like this, might only be a movie like this one. This is a gory splatter film entitled Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl. Heck, it's a Saturday morning and don't really want to leave you all feeling like a bummer so here's something that might digust you or make you chuckle. Anyway, I think it will make an impression. 

At first, it might be disgusting and disturbing to watch but if you can stand it, watch for a moment and you'll realize how ridiculous this is (kind of like Monty Python). The first time, this made me feel ill. Now, when I watch this, I laugh:

This film is definitely worth a few laughs and the main actress, Yukie Kawamura is a goddess. Here's a cheesecake photo for you guys!

Wow! Yukie Kawamura! I'm in love (for the first time this week!)

Here's another trailer. Pretty funny stuff (cool music too!):

Everyone! Have a great weekend! Drive careful!


Anonymous said...

There you go railing on the USA again.... I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

Cool guy in Japan wrote, "the USA today has become a sick society full of sick people because of big government policies that have eroded societies' morals and the family structure."

No doubt.

Cool guy in Japan wrote, "How many households in the USA still have three generations living together in them and learning about responsibility and caring for each other?"

It is Very frowned upon. Of those who do, they are ridiculed beyond belief and usually racked in with the illegal immigrant crowd as if that was adding insult to injury.

Living at home is seen as a type of failure by most. Which shocks me, but I'm not average, maybe, for one, it's because I like films such as, Little Big Man? And, I never beat up on the little guy in Jr. High.

To many backwards retards there's nothing much more insulting to say to a Person than, "you probably still live with your parents" And, help them out, such as you described previously, of which I may Never forget.

Cool guy in Japan wrote, "For America in 2011, the debate is not heard, nor is it even desired."

SO right you are. A Person gets flamed for introducing thinking into a conversation,... for the most part,... I am especially pleased to every once in awhile encounter some rational human beings here in the unitedstate,... it does happen,... just not too often.

- clark

Hmm, as I write this, a pop up with just a single line won't disappear from the top of my desktop, it says, "Military, CIA shun 9/11 panel on covert operations - Washington Times"

That was a really horrible video of the vampire vs. Frankenstein, and this is coming from a guy who grew up watching that kind of stuff (but since swore it off)... I wonder, are vampires popular with the teenagers and pre-teenagers over there now?

They were popular here for awhile, but amazingly I've read they have been replaced by a fascination with films such as Clockwork Orange and 1984... or so I've heard anyway.

[I'm not getting the, "Now, when I watch this, I laugh" part. Perhaps I have to think more about ketchup as blood?]

Not that vampires would be any big change - graphically - I was shocked as all-get-out to see cartoons on national TV in Japan showing the after effects of the atomic bomb,... radiation weakened limbs being pulled off as People tried to drag others to "safety". At the time I thought, there's no way they would show this to children in the U.S.,... or to adults.

I'm going long again, sorry.

Yukie Kawamura
Yukie Kawamura
Yukie Kawamura :)

mikeintokyorogers said...

Sports announcer: "Clark going back to pass.... He's going long... It's the long bomb... And... And... He's got it! Touchdown! The crowd goes wild!....

And there's Yukie Kawamura in the end zone giving him the kiss and hug!"

Clark wins the game and gets the girl!

Anonymous said...

How very Fred Reed of you, thanks. What a pleasant thought and yet, so profound in ways I'm not sure you intended.

Perhaps I won't dream of snakes tonight?

At any rate,

The World is a Vampire.

- clark

Dan Teodor said...

Heh, 'as long as people are asking the wrong questions, one needn't worry about the answers'. Yup, the just about sums up the audit function of publicly listed US corporations. I sometimes wonder if society at large is just one massive training exercise for befuddling silly examiners from society's checks and controls function.

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