Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preventing Disasters in Business and Personal Affairs

Disasters happen all the time. No one likes disasters, even the little ones we joke about in our daily lives, like spilled coffee. Natural disasters cannot be prevented. Personal and business ones often can.


Of course many disasters may hit us unexpectedly, these we must use our wits to react to positively. A negative or defeatist attitude to any sort of disaster will only make things worse. For example, you are diagnosed with a disease like cancer. What do you do? Do you take the defeatist attitude and worry and fear for your life? Or do you take this as just one more challenge, like all the rest, to be overcome?

Everyone knows what will happen to you if you fear and worry. Everyone knows of the "Self-fulfilling prophecy." 

The self-fulling prophecy works both ways too. It can be a terrible result or a positive result. You are the one who controls what the prophesy is about.

If you are stuck by disaster, then the best thing to do is to start training your mind for positivity. A sick or depressed mind will yield sick or depressed results. A positive mind will yield positive results. Is there anyone who can deny this? 

Two people have so-called terminal cancer. The first person is devastated and becomes clinically depressed. The second person accepts the condition and takes a positive attitude and decides that they will recover.

Which person do you think will have the best chances of a full recovery? Why is it that some people recover and others don't?

Great things and great ideas and conditions are borne out of positive thinking and cleanliness. Good and great things are not borne out of fear, depression or darkness. Depression and fear can only result in negative outcomes.

Besides positive reactions to disasters, often times many disasters can be prevented! Really! Preparation and thought can often prevent disasters or, at least, mitigate their damage, especially when it comes to business and personal affairs.

Once again, a positive attitude comes into play.

If you have that important meeting and, before that meeting, you worry and consistently run over and over in your mind the possible negative results, or the worst-case scenario, then you will probably create a self-fulfilling prophesy; You most likely will create that worst case outcome. But, if you use your mind to run over positive results, through positive mental imaging, then your chances of getting those positive results increases exponentially. 

We cannot prevent natural disasters. We can only dampen or moderate their damage through preparation and forethought and a positive attitude. 

Personal and business disasters are much easier to control as we can often prevent them from happening through mental imaging of positive outcomes and considerate forethought. We must work proactively instead of reactively to problems before they happen. 

If you practice positive imaging before an important meeting, imagining a positive outcome, instead of fearing the worst, you can create your own reality. You can create that positive outcome that you so desire. 

A positive attitude is everything. Preparation and forethought are priceless forms of insurance. Don't wait for others to bring you good news or positivity, bring it to them first.

Always spread the light to others first and, by doing so, you bring the light to you. 

Remember: You spread the light; you win.

You can do it today and everyday. It is just the flick of a switch from "on" to "off" and from "positive" to "negative." They are all, after all, two different sides of the same coin.

It's up to you to decide which face of that coin is "up."


Watch the videos! Be positive! Have a great day! 


Andrew Joseph said...

Amen, brother. Despite the crap of the past year, I remain unresolved to be upbeat! Glass half-full. Any reason why YOU wrote this thoughtful piece today?

mikeintokyorogers said...

Yep. I have a very important meeting today. I can go in and expect to deal with the devil or I can expect that I will be positive and control the situation... I must choose the latter.

It is the only choice. If I choose the latter, I win.

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