Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two People Win a Vacation Business Class to New York & 5-Star Hotel w/ Domino Pizza

Domino Pizza Japan is having another fantastically fun and exciting campaign! One couple is eligibile to win Business Class round-trip fare courtesy of America's best airlines: Delta airlines and it includes a 4 nights stay at a 5-star hotel in Manhattan courtesy of Delta Tours and all you have to do is signup! There is no purchase necessary!



That's not all! 100 people will also win a Francis Ford Coppola red and white wine set courtesy of Japan's online wine superstore,! is Japan's online wine superstore and you can order in Japanese or English and have your wine delivered right to your door! Go to:


Domino Pizza is having their Brooklyn Pizza campaign and it's another winner! The campaign runs from August 30 until October 30 and all you have to do is go to the Domino Pizza Japan webpage and signup. No purchase nessessary! The URL is:


So get in on the action! What do you have to lose? Signup now.... 

Of course, I, Mike Rogers, give my stamp of approval to this great campaign because I helped arrange it! I fly Delta every time I go to the continental USA or to Guam and can vouch that it is my airlines of choice for those routes! 

Join now and win the vacation dream of a lifetime! 

For more information, click here. If that link doesn't work:


(Hint: Domino Pizza also has an English ordering site that has specials that are an even better deal than their regular Japanese page like their 2 for 1 special! Buy one pizza and get one free! Check the Domino Pizza English webpage here

Also check the page for great everyday specials on the best in wine selections at!


Steve 'Poots' Candidus said...


If first prize is four free nights in New York City, what’s second prize?

Eight nights?


Andrew Joseph said...

Ahhh... it's so nice to see a pizza in Japan that doesn't involve corn. Everytime I went out and ordered a pizza - even a seafood pizza - I would get the thing delivered to my table with what looked like a half a can of corn dumped into the middle of it. It was a cause of great mirth amongst us dumb gaijin many years ago! Nice ads! I'm guessing the commentor above me doesn't like New York. Really? The city so great they named it twice? New York, New York!? Do us a favour Mike... let us know WHO actually wins! So many times I see contests and they never ever announce the winner that I wonder if it's all a great big scam! Prove me wrong!

mikeintokyorogers said...

Dear Andrew,
I have helped Domino Pizza Japan run several of these campaigns now. One a vacation to Italy, a vacation for several people to Macau, a vacation to Croatia and one time a person won a part time job that paid $32,000 (USD) an hour! (no joke). I was party to the knowledge of the identity of the people who won and knew their names (and even met a few of them at press conferences, etc.) but (and I don't know about US law) but, under Japanese law concerning protection of an individuals privacy, the names of the winners are not allowed to be announced in the public domain. It is why, in Japan, they never announce the winners. I am sure that the sponsors of the contests would like too for promo reasons but they can't. This is also why you will see more and more campaigns that ask survey questions like, "Do you blog?" (Bloggers may get an advantage as they are hoped that, if they win, they will freely blog about the story. In that case, it is not an invasion of privacy as the blogger posts under their own free will).
So now you know why many contests never announce winners. There are, though, some contests that are frauds and I have worked with those companies (once and then when I found out something was wrong, never again). I will post about one of those someday soon. But, at least Domino Japan is on the up and up and is a very good , honest and reputable company. Hence this is at least my 4th or 5th campaign with them and there will be more.

Anonymous said...

"the names of the winners are not allowed to be announced in the public domain."

That is really strange, imho, wow.

Most entries into contests I see in the unitedstate say in the fine print, "by entering you agree to have your name and likeness used for promotional uses." That's fair, I suppose.

Also, I had a great and unusual pizza while in an underground subway in Japan. The pizza had shrimp and cucumbers (I think) and it was surprisingly great.
However; it was quite shocking to my unitedstate perspective of what a pizza should be, seriously.

Those displays of plastic fake food were something else too.

... currently I'm avoiding cheese, and I do so miss pizza, Dominoes too. I must click away from this post.

- clark

mikeintokyorogers said...

Thanks Clark,
Yeah, in Japan the rules are extremely strict when it comes to protecting people's privacy. The incidents of companies losing people's names & info you hear about in the west? If they happened here, the president of those companies would resign, or worse, immediately. People in Japan don't take too kindly to strangers knowing anything about them.
Even when we do campaigns on TV & radio, we are never allowed to say the winners names or just things like, "Mr. Suzuki from Meguro" that's the extent of it. Sometimes I think it is a bit much, but, then again, the Japanese are very private people.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... Can I go after the riots?

Raindance Film Festival: Confessions of a Sandwich Sign Man

I was hoping my parents never found out about this... But I can't live like this anymore; I can't live with hiding who I really am....