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Still Believe in Global Warming? Jan. 19th, 2012 Was the Coldest Day Globally Since 2002

Man Made Global Warming is a scam? It always was a scam? There is one thing that we can all take as a lesson in life and society and politics: When the government says that there is some problem and to fix that problem they need to tax "We the People" more, you'd better run as fast as you can the other way.

Like the war on terrorism, the war on povertythe war on drugs, the war on whatever you want; they are all scams and failures. Think about it: Is there anyone of us who thinks the government is competent? Is there anyone who thinks the government can fix even a pothole in the road without being over budget and way past deadline? No, right? Why does anyone think that the government could increase our taxes and fix the weather? 

The government of Florida wasted $78,000 dollars on, get this; buying Super-Hero capes for unemployed people. The Japanese government wasted $78 billion on Global Warming research

It's nonsense. The weather reports can't even predict correctly the weather next week, it is astounding that "scientists" and government claim they can predict the weather over the next twenty to one hundred years!   

In early 2006, when the Man-Made Global Warming panic was just getting into full swing, I was the producer of an early morning drive time FM radio show in Tokyo. That show was what we in this business call a "Wide Show." A Wide Show is a variety program that also has news, weather, sports and the like. Our show also had music and bits of comedy dispersed here and there. It was lots of fun and a great experience.

One day, we had a Monty Python-esque comedy skit on the show whereby we parodied the great BBC program. The skit was "The Great Global Warming Debate." In that debate, we had on two "professors" with opposite opinions and asked them to argue the question of "Is there or is there not a problem with Man-made global warming?" 

The build up to the skit was tremendous. We made it sound like the definitive argument was going to take place on our show. When the host asked the first professor, "Is there man-made global warming?" and that professor answered, "Yes!" then the host asked the next professor the same thing and he answered, "No!" That was the end of the debate and we ended the program. After all that fanfare and build up, it was a comedic anti-climax. We thought it was hilarious. One listener didn't think it was funny at all.

Writer's rendition of listener who "Didn't 'get' it."

Soon after the skit ended, the office telephone began ringing. It was unusual for that line to ring as it was early in the morning before office hours so I thought it might be an emergency so I answered. It was an extremely irate man on the other side. He was furious. He insisted that making light and fun of such a serious catastrophe as Man-made Global Warming was blasphemy and that the people responsible should be fired immediately. I told him it was and is a comedy skit and that he shouldn't mind about it.

He'd have none of that. He then demanded that I put the station manager on the line. Little did he know that I was the station manager. I told him to hold the line and then I composed myself and calmed down. I picked up the phone again and told him that I was the station manager. He reiterated his claims and I repeated mine. Finally, after he started cursing and threatening me, I told him that, "I'm sorry you are unhappy listening to the content of our station. If you really don't like it, there are other stations that you can listen to." Oh! That really set him off (I hate people who want to use censorship). It finally got so bad that he threatened to come down to the radio station and, get this, are you sitting down? He threatened to come down to the radio station and set it on fire!

I can never figure out how these Greens and earth and nature lovers can be so peaceful and at one with the universe and nature on the one hand and so militant and ready to kill people on the other. 

After he threatened to burn the station down and kill us all with it, I told him that he was welcomed to try and that we'd be waiting for him with the police and fire department when he comes. Since his phone number was registered on the call list at the telephone company I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find him. I also promised to visit him in prison. I never heard from him again after that.

That was 6 years ago. At that time, I had predicted on air and to many friends and people who would listen that this Man Made Global Warming business was all a scam.  I knew it was a scam because, even from the start, it was government's of the world claiming that they needed to increase taxes and payments from the people to finance the fight against this new global terror. As a person who has been keeping track of this sort of thing and the current financial calamity that is upon us (and has been building up for 20 years) it was obvious to me that, if you followed the money trail, there was something awfully suspicious about the government's claim of Man-Made Global Warming.

Anything to sell magazines, right? The fiction of Climate Science 1977.

Throw on top of that, my own personal experience of writing a 120 page thesis for my senior year in high school science class of "The Coming Ice Age" that we were lead to believe that was coming in 1975 ~ 1978 or so.

I predicted that this entire facade of Man Made Global Warming would collapse within 5 years. Just now, I was bragging to my wife about it and she said, "No one is talking about Man Made Global Warming anymore are they?"

Nope. Not in Japan, they aren't. That's why Japan is dropping out of the Kyoto Protocol this year. That's why any other countries, like Canada, have already quit

"What do you think you are, for Chrissake, crazy or somethin'? Well you're not! You're not! You're no crazier than the average asshole out walkin' around on the streets and that's it." 

Like my wife said, "No one is talking about Man Made Global Warming anymore, are they?" Well, honey, they aren't in Japan. But, unfortunately, some people overseas still are. 

Yes, that's right, Mr. Martini, there is an Easter Bunny!

Well now, here comes some more information that's just going to bunch up the underwear of some believers in the polemic of Man Made Global Warming. It seems that Jan. 19, 2012 was the coldest day globally in 10 years.

Real Science Reports it

Global temperatures are plummeting, and the temperature recorded by AMSU satellite of 251.858K on January 19 was the coldest of any day since at least 2002.
Yep. That's it. One sentence. Facts, ma'am. Just facts. 

I wonder if this will make some nature lovers want to set people's houses on fire? After all, that is a brilliant counter argument, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Well, there is climate change going on over the planet. Whether it is man made or not is up for debate. Probably since the start of the Industrial Revolution, there has been an impact. The climate changes that have been seen in the last few years are of "extreme" changes. More tornadoes, more hurricanes, more flooding, ice caps melting. Animals will adapt and humans have to too.

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