Sunday, January 22, 2012

America Doesn't Have Free Elections Anymore - Ron Paul Can't Win as a Republican

Ron Paul came in second in the exit polls for South Carolina. Some say that projected him into a possible second place upset. Nevertheless, in spite of that, he finished fourth for the state in the Republican primary.

I think this is really damaging to the Ron Paul campaign.

As always, way before the votes are tallied, the results are projected. I wonder how, with only a percent or two counted, they can project winners? The actual projections for these primaries shouldn't be about Ron Paul or who is going to win that state. The actual projections should be for the health of the United States of America for the next 5 years. I project that within five years the US government will be bankrupt and this entire mess will come crumbling down like a house of cards. Within twenty years the entire edifice of the American Dream will have rotted from the vine and there will be tens of millions of Americans who are going to be starving and out of work.
There will be no hope for these people and the government that currently runs that country. The military industrial complex and Wall Street bankers will have sucked the last bits dry. The American worker and the American economy will be wheezing for breath like a heavy cigarette smoker after years of choking, coughing, spitting, spittle, blood marbled phlegm and emphysema.
People who read this blog know I like Ron Paul. I think the readers of this blog do too. But the media and the powers that be will never allow him to win. That today, with South Carolina's black box voting machines that leave no paper trail could still be in use in the United Sates after the fiasco of the 2000 election, shows that the people behind the curtain have no intention of allowing free elections for the American people.

That Ron Paul could be consistently polling at the top or second in all primaries until today, and consistently come in third or forth smells really bad. To think that something fishy isn't going on here is the height of naivety.

With results like this, why even vote? Someday, "they" will even make voting more automated by arranging it so that the people do not even have to vote for the results to be tabulated the way "they" want them to be and the predetermined winner to be chosen. Then they'll call that "progress."
Perhaps Ron Paul will be allowed to use his few delegates at the Republican convention to make a speech or negotiate a point. But it won't matter. It will be merely throwing a bone to the dog... The powers that be are betting that the people will not rise up and fight. Considering the recent past record, they are making a pretty safe bet.
The people after all do not bark. Even if they do, why bark if they've nothing to say?

The powers that be are happy with an Obama or a Romney or Gingrich. They are all the same. The best way to defang Ron Paul is to marginalize him and keep him in the race and pacify him at the Republican convention. After all, what difference does it make to our real masters who is president as long as they follow orders and keep the game going? That's the plan here folks.
Everyone knows that Gingrich is the same as Romney, who is the same as Santorum, who is the same as Obama, who is the same as Bush, who is the same as Clinton (Bill or Hillary). They are all the same.   
Anyone who isn't asleep knows that we aren't getting actual news on the TV or from the big networks. We haven't gotten any real news from the networks since who knows when. Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, all the major newspapers, etc. etc. are all completely biased and they don't even try to hide it anymore.
Why bother hiding it? 90% of America is watching the latest reality TV show.
The major networks are part of the elite who don't care about America or you or me. They only care about profits and their bonuses. And, when they can't get those bonuses anymore from the United States, they will move somewhere else to continue the rape and pillage. 
These people do not care about the country. They certainly do not care about you or me or our children.
But even with total control of the government and the economy and the police state, what is going to get better for them or us? The economy? Our lives? Food? Jobs? Hope? No. Nothing, my friends. Nothing is going to get better for them, you or me, our children or our children's children. 
The way things are going now, and this includes the USA and Japan, the only thing keeping society from collapsing will be McDonald's, Citibank branches, Playstation 3, chronic food shortages, lack of jobs, alcohol, reality TV and professional sports.
And, it's not just here at home where every which way is bad. No matter what they do or which way they turn, Iran can't win. The west, with the USA in the lead, is heading us headlong into a war with that nation that will bring us into total war with China and Russia. This war has nothing to do with Iranian nuclear weapons but has everything to do with controlling the world's oil supply. We are so close to the shooting starting that it's a miracle that it hasn't started already. 
What's stopped the war in Iran? Well, when the shooting starts and oil prices climb to over $250 a barrel, that would get rid of Obama's chances of re-election. It would be, once again, a Ron Paul prophesy coming true. They can't have that! Someday soon this entire facade is going to crumble. The powers that be just don't want that someday to be before election day 2012.  

Murdering John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King did nothing to stop their ideas. Arresting Ghandi and putting him in prison didn't prevent his ideas from capturing the hearts of the entire world. 
The plan is to cheat Ron Paul. He can win, and would, in a free election. But America doesn't have free elections anymore. Ron Paul won't be allowed to win. We will have to witness and endure the 2012 election being stolen right out from under our noses. The only way that this isn't going to happen is if the American people wake up from their slumber. Sure, many have awakened, but there are still far, far too many Americans who are deep into the depths of dreamworld.
But, never fear, Ron Paul's ideas are immortal as is the immortal spirit of men. The spirit of man will rise. The stolen elections will not put out the fire, but they will only help to make the fire started burn even brighter in the hearts of men. The dark days are coming, but after that, the dawn.
As Charlie Chaplin said in the film "the Great Dictator":
"The soul of man has been given wings, and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow, into the light of hope, into the future, that glorious future that belongs to you, to me and to all of us. Look up. Look up."

They can steal the election from us. They've done it before... But this cannot, it must not, be a fight between them and sunny day patriots. Like Ron Paul said, "This is the beginning of a long hard slog..."

Are you in it for the long haul? I expect that Ron Paul will keep up the fight in order to attempt to change the Republican platform.

I now hope for one of two things (or both):

1) It may sound like I am contradicting myself, but I am not. I hope Ron Paul keeps fighting for Republican nomination until the last minute then goes third party. If he does, I believe he has a chance to win outright. And why not go third party? The Republican party is dead with a Gingrich or Romney anyway. Like I said, there's no difference between either of them or Obama, so why not take them on?

2) Also, Rand Paul in 2016! 

UPDATE: It seems that I am not the only one bringing this subject up. I wrote this last night and now, this morning, I see others thinking the same thing. This is a MUST READThere’s something very odd about GOP primary pre-polling and vote:


diego.a said...

So in other words: the US Federal govt. has occupied the 50 states and messes around with the election ballot. Similar to Afghanistan, Iraq, Central America, etc. ?

Do you think the US wants to control Iran/Syria to blackmail China and Russia into buying US Treasuries? That is the only reason I can think of for the covert wars against Syria and Iran.

Karen Kwiatkowski's friend was told by an insider the US has less than 10 years:

Anonymous said...

When has the US had free elections Mike?

Jeffrey said...

"America Doesn't Have Free Elections Anymore - Ron Paul Can't Win as a Republican"

Of course he can't because he isn't very popular with Republicans, particularly not the 'baggers and the Evangelicals. The only thing that's Republican about him is that R after his name at election time. Otherwise, he's about as much a Rethug as Lieberman is a Dem.

While I share his views about the U.S. relentlessly stupid interventionist foreign policy, he's pretty much nuts about everything else and never saw a conspiracy theory he didn't like.

He's a very old-fashioned brand of crazy that ceased to exist even before the Internet.

Jeffrey said...

Mike, if I may respond to diego.a?

Interesting piece by Kwiatkowski. I don't know if you remember, but she came out very soon after leaving the military and outlined in great detail the fabrication used by the Bush administration, information generated almost entirely by Cheney's office, to "justify" the invasion of Afghanistan. I thought it was very brave of her, but it seems she's sort of gone off the rails (her comments about buying some guns, gold [Gonna eat that as it's not legal tender and of no other use except it's "purdy"?] and learning about "survival." Same kind of nonsense you'd hear from people with a lot less education living in the UP of Michigan.

Virginia's a really odd state, so she may just have a chance of winning in her district.

diego.a said...

Thank, Jeffrey. You are kind to warn me.

Jeffrey said...


This is the piece that made Kwiatkowski, for a while, a semi-household name and an enemy of the Bush administration.

Well written and people on the inside always have the real scoop. But with this run for Congress I'm afraid she's taken what little she knows about the real the proverbial bridge too far.

By and large, career military people make lousy government representatives. Look what a hash Powell made of his term as Secretary of State. Could have saved the nation trillions of dollars and 4,000 odd casualties. All he had to do is tell the truth in front of the UN.

(Sorry to hijack your comments section Mike.)

mike in tokyo rogers said...

No problem, Jeffrey!

Love the"Look what a hash Powell made of his term as Secretary of State" comment. So true!

diego.a said...

Someone mentioned on AntiWar Radio a while back how Powell and Schwarzkopf lied about killing civilians during the first US/Iraq war. It might have been Ray McGovern. I think he led himself be lied to. Either that or he is really a bimbo puppet. One thing is for sure: Powell must have lots of skeletons in the closet like most high ranking personnel who never speak out against wars.

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