Monday, August 6, 2012

Music is a Gift From God

Today I went to a children's piano recital. It was wonderful. 

As I sat there and watched dozens of kids play their hearts out for their mothers, father and grandparents, I almost wept. I feel sorry for the many fathers who couldn't make it to see their children's performances. They were fantastic.

Whenever I hear this sort of music performed by skilled children, I think these things:

*Music is truly a gift from god.
*My purpose in life is not to make money but to make my family happy
*I'm going to die someday and I want to enjoy these times as much as I can while I can.
*Too many fathers are missing out on what is really important in life

KhachaturianLittle Song/Etude」ハチャトゥリアン/小さい歌/エチュード Wray 8yrs: (Wray Blake Rogers 2012年8月4日 8才の演奏 ハチャトリアン Khachaturian「少年時代の画集」より「小さい歌」(Little song)「エチュード」(Study/Ivan is very busy):

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