Tuesday, December 16, 2014

100% Proof Bill Cosby is Completely Innocent and Justin Beiber is No Worse Than Most Guys.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me." - Exodus 20:3  

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me." You know what that means? I reckon it doesn't mean that you shouldn't worship Jehovah or Allah, or God, or the great Spaghetti Monster. I think it means that you should not worship any other "god" over doing and living a good life and doing right by yourself and your family and others. It means that things like "Fame," "Fortune," "Money" or "Power" should not be your "other gods before me." You are supposed to live a life doing what is "right." (Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindis, Jedi and atheists welcomed.)

Let's keep that in mind as I'm going to throw this post together quickly because I am appalled at what I see from Americans on Facebook concerning Bill Cosby. This post is about today's American and US mass media.

Before I go on, let me say that I am not a fan of Bill Cosby. Have never been really. I grew up in a military household with a Japanese mom; jokes about living in the ghetto or in a black family were not familiar to me, so, well, I often didn't "get" the joke. Oh sure, I've laughed at some of his jokes (Flip Wilson too), but that was about it. I have never, even once, seen the Cosby TV show. 

I don't think I missed too much either.

Here's a fact: As of this very moment (December 16, 2014, 5:24 pm Japan time) Bill Cosby is, just the same as you or me, totally and completely innocent of any and all charges of rape or molestation, etc. Under the law of the land, in the United States, a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by his peers. That Bill Cosby hasn't even been charged by the police shows, as I said, Bill Cosby is undoubtably innocent. And he will remain that way until, (if) he is convicted in a court of law.

I don't even want to discuss it really. It doesn't matter to me. I have more important things to worry about than whether some old guy took advantage of some women... 

But, there is one thing.... 

I've worked in the mass media in one capacity or another since 1978... I've seen lots of things... I've seen how many women "passed auditions" for some producers... Some of them I know to this very day.

It's the way it's been done for many women in show business since the beginning of Show Business; you know, it's called the "Couch Audition." Happens all the time. And it will keep happening no matter what.

Many women have come out to accuse Bill Cosby of raping them 20, 30 or more years ago. 

My biggest question I'd like to ask is: 

"Why now? Why do they speak out about these crimes now, so many years later? Why is it that, many years ago, when these things were alleged to have happened, that these aspiring starlets kept their mouths shut? Did they deem their show business careers as too important to risk speaking out and stop this alleged monster from doing the same thing to other women? Was their career more important than justice? Did they have the god of 'Fame' before justice or 'doing what was right'? Was that why they didn't speak out?"

And, if that is the reason (the price of fame and fortune - or some would call, "A deal with the devil") what does that say about the morality and clarity of judgement about these women? 

Doesn't this question cast serious doubt over that morality as well as judgement - and common sense and decency - of these women? 

Think about it. Put yourself in their place: You are an aspiring star. You go meet a movie producer who rapes you. Of course, you keep quiet and tell no one because you wanted the part in the movie, right? Well, right? 

Yes or no? Which is it?

That it took these women so long to speak out seems to indicate that they had other, more important, priorities to attend to, rather than seeing that justice be done. 

Funny that! Fame and fortune does have a very strong allure... 

American society is way too concerned with Celebrity Culture... The USA bombs, killing and maiming and making brown skinned children handicapped or orphaned in Middle Eastern countries 24/7 and Americans are worried about what girls were abused and sacked 30 years ago....

Strange priorities no?

Let me get off the point for a second... Take the hatred for Justin Beiber by the average white American Male. I think it's just bravado and machismo by these American males who must have immaturity and self-confidence issues to feel they have to bash Beiber. 

All these men saying that they think Justin Beiber sucks or he has a small dick or whatever just show how immature these American men are; it just shows their jealousy. I don't hate Justin Beiber. I don't care. But I can say definitively that, if I were a multi millionaire 19-year-old guy driving around in a $350,000 sports car, having tons of money, with tons of women wanting to get into may pants constantly, then I'm sure I'd be getting into all sorts of trouble. 

No doubt about it. Hell, I wasn't rich and famous at all and I still got myself into all sorts of trouble and did lots of things I am ashamed of! 

If I were rich and famous (and good looking with lots of Hollywood star friends and big breasted American model girlfriends) American men would hate me just like they hate Beiber! Why? Because I'd be living the exact same douchebaggery dream that 98% of all American males would love to live (and can't, yet they are not mature enough to admit it, so they bash people like Beiber). 

And you know, if today's average Joe-Blow dumb ass American guy were rich and famous, they'd be taking advantage of women, other people, the 'law'; taking advantage of everything and getting fucked up constantly on drugs and booze. You know, being just impossible to be around....

Basically the entire world would be a nail and they'd hold the hammer.

Of course they would. I would too if I were a young man again. The difference between me and the male Beiber and Cosby detractors is that I will freely admit it. 

I don't hate Justin Beiber (or Bill Cosby), I am not a fan. But, like I said, if I had their money and fame and was a young man again, I'd be doing all sorts of hijinks and getting myself into lots of trouble. 

Today, I am pulling for Bill Cosby because, like I said, at this moment in time he is innocent and I'm pulling for Justin Beiber because I'm sure that I would be just as bad as him if I were in his shoes (if not worse!)

I'm also pulling for these two guys if only because all the douchebaggery American Males are not. 

This kind of reminds me of the story in the bible where the village was about to stone to death the woman convicted of adultery and Jesus said to them, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Thanks to Michael McThrow, Jason Brown and Robert Jefferson


NOTES: You just gotta marvel at how so many American people will consistently complain about "Injustice in America" but turn around and crucify and virtually convict Bill Cosby as being a serial rapist when he hasn't even been charged... Is this an example of their idea of "Justice"? Cognitive Dissonance?

NOTES TWO: I am a producer too. I can honestly say that I have never, ever had a "couch audition" for any girl to be on one of my shows... I can't say that I haven't thought about it though. Nor can I say that I am enough of an angel to condemn those who, through a free exchange between two consenting adults, worked out an, er, "employment deal." If I were a hot young girl and wanted to get into Hollywood, I cannot say that I wouldn't perform in many auditions if I thought I might get a break.


Anonymous said...

I have not worked in mass media. I agree with Mike that "American society is way too concerned with Celebrity Culture.". I think its what is served up to them; I prefer to send that dish back. I see Cosby as a question of legacy. His issue was doping: knocking women unconscious and one assumes molestation of the knocked-out. I didn't see it as a casting couch issue.. One could research it in the press and pass judgment if they wish. Berber? He is lackluster boy band Canadian. Japanese and US military jails have a reputation for strictness.

Anonymous said...

I think the press likes a story. Press careers also like attention and ratings. Celebrities like to exploit that same attention for wealth. Discernment is up to the viewer. I would note this blog post is about Facebook whose audience I don't rank as the best demographic for sound judgment. It is good to scope out chatter and the common mood.If Cosby is on the same level as a Tokyo subway groper, let all the public move away from him. Cosby is a product of his generation. If the right District Attorney got the case given all the video cameras (around pharmacies,movie studio entrances,etc),credit/debit card records,cell phone records,internet research; drugging a women for molestation would be harder in 2014.

Anonymous said...

"morality and clarity of judgement about these women" is asked. If Bill Cosby wants you to drink something, don't do it. The US navy took away its honorary reward to him. I would invite Cosby and Justin to Japan; not out of douchebaggery but cultural understanding. Japan is very safe country. Criminal justice system is quite different. There are no juries. The police can hold you over three weeks without charges opposed to 48 hours in the U.S. Police are skilled at making suspects talk. You can be interrogated around the clock.

Anonymous said...

Where there's lotsa smoke, there's fire.
To cast doubt on women coming forth only now, is a mindset similar to that of those involved at the time to keep it under wraps. Just hope your chlld doesnt have to face harassers and predators like this one day. And Cosby aint even funny.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

The last comment by Anonymous on December 18, 2014 at 4:37 PM shows me two things: 1) Unwillingness to make a statement and stand behind it (hence "Anonymous.") And, 2) Someone who isn't a parent.

Fact of the matter is I do have a daughter who was molested when she was young. I immediately took care of the problem (I brought her up right so she knew she could tell me immediately). I called the police who, luckily for the perpetrator, they got to him before I did. He went to prison.

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