Sunday, December 14, 2014

Go Vote Campaign!

You won't believe this. 

I didn't believe it either at first.... 

I was asked by a good friend to do some sort of narration for some organization (I suspect is funded by the LDP - Not sure) to make a commercial narration for people to go out and vote today (Dec. 14, 2014) in the Japan General Election.

I didn't tell them that I was an anarchist and that I do not condone voting.

Why? Well, I thought it was quite jaw-dropping that; 1) I am a foreigner in Japan and, as such, have no right to vote anyway so it's weird that I would be asked and then, telling people to go out and vote (isn't it?) and, 2) Like I said, I am an anarchist so I don't believe that voting changes anything and it is a waste of time.

I saw famous inventor and genius, Dr. Nakamatsu campaigning in front of Futakotamagawa station the other day. I'd vote for him (or some of the hot babes running) any day... 
I mean, if I voted; which I don't.

Like Mark Twain said, "If voting could change anything, it would be illegal."

So, I did the narration anyway, just to be able to say, someday, that "I am one of the few foreigners in Japan who (sort of) helped Shinzo Abe get re-elected."

Regular readers of this blog will know what I think of Shinzo (or any of the rest of them!)

So. I did it. I made the commercial. I write this down now because I don't want any skeletons in my closet. I have no idea where this is being broadcast, but was sent a Youtube link a few hours ago.

Here it is. Please watch on Youtube and give it a "Thumbs Up" if you like it!...

It was fun recording this, though. The people who are making these announcements are good folks with good intentions.

Dear Mother-of-all-that-is-gravy, please forgive me for what I've done!

It doesn't matter anyway... Abe will get re elected and continue to ruin this country and her currency with his insane "Abenomics.".


Anonymous said...

Wow.Yoshiro Nakamatsu has prostate cancer*. When Merv Griffin died from it Jerry Lewis ((CNN/Larry King) Jerry had his removed) was pissed that he didn't remove it surgically like he did.Its all speculation but I think of Marie Curie who died from radiation. Did any of Nakamatsu's health remidies exacerbate it? 86 years and ticking.

*Not as bad as pancreatic cancer

Anonymous said...

Mike post it in your YouTube channel (o kudasai (please). I am too stupid/ untech savy to figure out how to support the plug-in.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even pretend to understand the 'conservative' mindset of the Japanese voter. My guess would be "if its not broke then don't fix it". Mike has convinced me that the Liberal Democratic Party is all about debt.

Anonymous said...

"Japan’s right-wing government has won a two-thirds majority victory in a snap general election that swept aside the largely unprepared and divided opposition.
The final turnout was a record low of 52.4 per cent, according to forecasts – well down on the record postwar low of 59.3 per cent in 2012." says IrishTimes. Had to remember Mike's contribution. Do they share your anarchist view that if it changed anything, it would be illegal?

Anonymous said...

More of the warfare/welfare state fueled by fiat money . "Komeito, the government’s Buddhist-backed coalition partner, has dragged its feet" on Abe's LDP trying to weaken Japan pacifist Constitution for Washington DC's plutocrats. Lets watch Ukraine burn so the European Union can expand. Thank goodness for Buddhists who vote.

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