Thursday, December 18, 2014

Be Skeptical of Everything!

You need to be skeptical of everything. 

As I always say: "80% of everything you see on TV is bullshit. The other 20% are commercials."

I remember in my university days, getting high constantly at the dorms because, what else was there to do? There was this guy named Tim there at the time. I thought Tim was some sort of brain damage; he certainly looked a bit crazy with his always messed up curly hair... Kind of like what that Peanuts character Pigpen would have looked like as a university student... Tim looked and acted crazy; but, since he was harmless, and also liked Punk Rock, we let him hang around.

One day, while I was in a very, er, "enlightened mood," Tim walked up to me, and in a very serious and stern manner looked me straight in the eyes, pointed at me, and said, "Everything.... you..... know...... is..... wrong!" Then he smirked, paused, turned around and walked away.

Like I said, I thought he was crazy, but not dangerous crazy. It confused me at first, but then I laughed at him... Nutcase!

Hell, who would guess that 40 years later, I'd realize that the guy was right?

At that time, I believed the history books at school and the stuff on TV... But, I'll be damned, Tim was right; it was all wrong.

Now, after reading books and doing some research on my own (rather than being told what to think at school) I know the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor.... I know the Lusitania was carrying arms... Most definitely the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty, Kennedy was killed in a conspiracy and I don't believe Oswald acted alone... 

And I definitely do not believe Bush or Obama have a brain… OK. That last one is a joke. They both have a brain: they have someone else assigned to do their thinking for them. 

The moon landing though? Walking on the moon? 1969? 45 years ago? Sure. I believe that one too! 

Lessee... The moon is about 225,000 miles away. The Int'l Space Station is 200 miles in orbit and today the USA doesn't have the ability to send a rocket there! Think about that! 

So we're supposed to believe that the USA sent a manned rocket to the moon, 225,000 miles away and back nearly 50 years ago but we can't send a rocket up 200 miles to the International Space station today? Hmmm? How does that work? 

OK, let's play a mind game! Imagine it's 1904. A few people have designed cars with the internal combustion engine and they construct them... Most of these cars can do about 18 miles an hour. They even have races against horses to see which is faster! 

One day, though, some of these car designers say that they have a new car that goes over 1500 miles per hour! They even have pictures and witnesses to claim that they saw it do so! These witnesses were there! 

But then, poof! As quick as it appeared, it disappears.... No sign of the car ever again. It just vanishes leaving no trace… 

50 years later and no one ever saw that car again. It's disappeared, poof, kaput, vanished, vaporized, extinct, gone; no old body chassis to examine at the museum, no parts, no engine, no tires, no driver. 


Oh, and the old photos of the car have been lost forever. So, I'm still supposed to, though, believe that this car existed?

1904 Rolls Royce. Incredible! 
This car drove to the moon and back! Can you believe it?

You need to be skeptical of everything. 

As I always say: "80% of everything you see on TV is bullshit. The other 20% are commercials."


Anonymous said...

You do know a lot and I agree with most of the things you say here that are not what they seem to be. That is why it is so astounding that you are willing to readily believe all the nonsense about Fukushima being safe and that there are no sick people because of it.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

I never said that Fukushima wasn't a problem nor that no one has/will get sick. I clearly said that those who claimed, "The northern 1/3 of Japan is uninhabitable," or "Tokyo is an irradiated wasteland" or the like, are sensationalist babble. I also clearly said that anyone who would ever live near a nuclear power plant (or any other industrial site or factory) needs to have their head examined. Tokyo is not a radioactive wasteland; Fukushima sucks but it is just one more, in a long series of, industrial accidents that continue to pollute the environment. It most certainly is not the "End-of-life-on-this-planet-as-we-know-it" crisis that lots of people claimed... Need proof? It's almost 4 years since the Dai-ichi disaster. We're still here... In fact, there are still lots of people living within 40 miles of Fukushima Dai-Ichi... Think they might get sick? I do. But I question how many are dying 6000 miles away or even 150 miles away in Tokyo from Fukushima radiation.

Anonymous said...

"The USA doesn't have the ability to send a rocket there (International Space Station)! Think about that!" was stated. Grabbing on Mike's premise of questioning. The word 'ability' vs inventory is key here. If I had a car and I rebuilt the engine incorrectly; I would not have the ability to drive. That is what happened. Mike? If you watch the 2007 documentary on the USSR's Lunokhod program 'Tank on thee Moon 'you will see the Soviets used Japanese camera technology on their unmanned robot rover on the moon. A Russian walked into a Japanese store and bought the camera. Japan had the best commercial quality video cameras in the world at the time.

Anonymous said...

An interesting blog post because it sent me reviewing astronautics, and history. "Apollo 10, a spaceship that only orbited the moon in 1969 holds the record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle with 11.08 km/s (24,791mph)."*," Apollo astronauts brought 841 pounds of Moon rock home to Earth.","Dr. Marc Norman, a lunar geologist at the University of Tasmania, "lunar samples have almost no water trapped in their crystal structure, and common substances such as clay minerals that are ubiquitous on Earth are totally absent in Moon rocks."
"We've found particles of fresh glass in Moon rocks that were produced by explosive volcanic activity and by meteorite impacts over 3 billion years ago," added Norman. "The presence of water on Earth rapidly breaks down such volcanic glass in only a few million years. These rocks must have come from the Moon!"**

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of argument:
'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake - Telegraph

Anonymous said...

Here's another one... And if can believe these rocks were lost, then it also is believable that the 70 some hours of video tape of the entire mission on the moon has been erased is believable too! "Apollo moon rocks lost in space? No, lost on Earth"

Anonymous said...

Bill Hicks, a known-more-in-death but funny comedian ( barely no copyright so viewership is cheap) and JFK assassination? Too big and blurry a topic for me to take a big bite out of. Did the secret service hit him accidentally by an AR-15 aimed by chance? Oswald was a character though: raised in single parent household, pursued for skipping high school where he studied communism by library book and spent time at the zoo. Marine stationed in Japan where he met up with civilian leftists. Useless to Soviet Intelligence (they had better Signal intelligence assets and higher level spies) but allowed to emigrate by a female connected to the Politburo . Takes a Soviet wife but being a worker proves not exciting enough. On, and on it goes....

Anonymous said...

Mike: just because television is crap, often has an agenda, controlled by the haves vs the-have-nots,used for war propaganda and mass manipulation. I strongly and humbly plead for you not to enlist in the anti-scientific equivalent of the flat earth society despite all the 'Tims' you encounter. You are a skilled story teller.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your reply and understand your position better now and sorry about my misunderstanding. We have not seen many fall sick from Fukushima so far, partly due to such illnesses taking several years to develop(judging from cases in Chernobyl, they will start right about now and peak around the Games), as well as lack of media coverage . Again, I have rarely found someone like you who I agree with more regarding issues of massive cover-ups by corporations and the elite. Keep up your suspicious mind and keep us informed!

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