Friday, December 26, 2014

The Internet, the Handicapped and the Future of Production

Santa went to visit some children and their moms at the biggest Kids hospital in Kansai the other day. He received lots of warm thanks from people. He does appreciate it.

Santa goes to visit these children's hospitals every year. But do not think that he does these things because he is a good person. That's not it at all. He does it because it is a small way to payback for all the bad things he did in his life; it is a sort of retribution. 

I do these things, as Santa, for just a few days a year, because of my own feelings of guilt. I do it for me; because I am selfish. Don't think I do it because I am a good person.

I think I could go to do these volunteer things everyday for the next 100 years and I'd still be in serious arrears in the payback column. I did lots of bad things that I regret and always will regret. I spent much of my 20s and 30s doing as I wished, not caring for other people; I spent that time creating bad karma.

Then my 3rd daughter was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I saw lots of things during that time. Of course, it changed my life. I was a bastard before that happened (still am now, but maybe, not so bad... I hope.) But today, my wife and children, and especially my daughter - who miraculously recovered and is now a university student, inspire me to work to be an honest and good person.

It's not easy.

Now a university student

This brings me to today's post....

I saw a great short presentation by James Corbett. James runs the "Corbett Report" from Osaka and spoke about how communication has evolved.

He started with a pen and said, "The pen is mightier than the sword." But he also gave a short history lesson. Did you know that phrase started at least in the 7th century, and it wasn't said back then that the "Pen is mightier" (as there were no pens in the 7th century), the saying was "Words are mightier than the sword." People knew, even back then, that words and ideas could change the world.

James then went on to discuss the printing press and the internet and how, by use of the internet, anyone, even you or me, have the power now to reach out to millions and millions of people just like the ultra wealthy who own TV and radio stations! Because of the internet, individuals like you or me are not bottlenecked because there are only a few TV channels and because the costs of running a TV channel run into the tens of millions of dollars. The internet allows us to spread our ideas to the world and the costs are within grasp of most people and even children. It is truly a revolution that is the biggest communications revolution since Gutenberg's printing press. There is a link below to James Corbett's video presentation below. Check it if you have time!

This might not seem so earth shaking to you and it is probably obvious to everyone (except people like me)... 

And, several months back, it got me thinking about a new business idea. An idea that I am now propping up with some friends. It is an idea that will allow us to run a business and to help a few handicapped people to get a job and help them to earn a living. Because I think working is fun and making money is a great way to build positivity in ones life and help them have a dream and a good self-image and worth.

On that note, I was chatting with a friend of mine an hour or so ago. He surprised me when he wrote:

"I'm disabled and do not even have a keyboard for my computer. I use voice recognition software, and merely talk to my computer and it types what I want to say. The problem with that is... typographical errors! This small text box on Facebook messaging is my nemesis. Lots of typos... At this point in my life, I don't mind being disabled. I do enjoy saying what's on my mind, however."

I am so impressed by this. Well done! 

Because of how the internet has changed communication and the way labor can be sent far away from the office to be completed....Some partners and I have come up with an idea that also uses the concept that workers need not be in the office to do their jobs; they can do them at home! We have come up with an idea that can give jobs to a few handicapped people who can do skilled work from their keyboard, at their desk, in their own home, and earn a fair wage and make money. 

It has dawned upon me that the internet boom will help the handicapped immensely to work and earn a living; they don't need to ever leave home! Our new idea and technology will not only drive a profit, it will help society.

We have come up with an idea for a company and called it, "Robot 55." I cannot divulge too much information as to what the company does just yet. I can say that it is in a creative field and involves art, design and video. So someone with a good design sense or training in that field, would be perfect!

The new company will launch on January 5 and, at this time, and I can say that I am now looking for candidates who can work at home, are handicapped, are native Japanese speakers and have at least a high school level education. The candidates must also have a relatively new Apple computer (our software runs only on Apple). English ability a plus but not needed.

If you know someone who fits that bill, have them write to me and send their bio to me at   

Last Note: 

Over these last 7 years or so, I have been working with many start-up companies. I have come to the conclusion that there is a fundamental problem with the way many of the people who start up companies think: They all state the goal is IPO. Then they work solely for that purpose: the purpose of making lots of money in order to go public.

Making lots of money is good. But it shouldn't be the primary goal of your life or even your company. The primary goal of life is happiness (I think); the primary goal of the company should be something like; to make people happy. Or; to make society a better place; or to create a better life. 

You see, if the goals are to make people happy or to make society a better place, etc., and then if the company succeeds at doing so; THEN THE MONEY WILL NATURALLY FOLLOW! It also is impossible to gauge the value of doing a job that makes one happy and contented; jobs that cause stress, worry and unhappiness are everywhere and a dime a dozen.

To make the primary goal of "Making money" isn't good because we can make money cheating people, taking advantage of them or just plain treating them like shit.... Which lots of people in management do.

This new company "Robot 55" has two primary goals: "To help society" and "To have fun." In fact, our company motto is "Let's Have Fun!"

If you know anyone, who is disabled, but can use a computer and has an Apple machine (with some design background) is a fun person, native Japanese speaker, and wants a part time job they can do at home, have them contact me!

Until then, you have a Great New Year!


See James Corbett's video here: The net is mightier than the sword | James Corbett | TEDxGroningen 


Roger Marshall said...

Mike, once a gain a brilliant but even more important - a beautiful - idea from you.

Happy to support you if possible.

Merry Christmas to a kind, gentle Sinner Santa!

Andrew Joseph said...

Hello Mike... as usual, your words provide hope that the world might indeed not be such a bad place after all.
Best of luck to you and all involved in this forthcoming endeavor.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

Johnny said...

Kudos on starting up a company to provide employment to the disabled. I've done some work with nonprofits in a similar capacity and feeling like they cannot contribute to society is a major disability in and of itself. There is a lot of simple data entry and telephony work to be had out there but none of it is accommodating to people who won't or cant commute to the office every day.

In my experience with startups (in America at least), the reason they want to go straight to IPO is because their business model is fundamentally flawed and they want to raise a ton of money on hype alone, with all the top execs cashing out -before- they go public. Once they go public, it becomes clear the company is unsustainably hemorrhaging cash or the business model was outright illegal and the shareholders are the one left holding the bag.

Its no wonder uber is shooting for an IPO in the midst of all these sexual assault complaints...twitter is hemorrhaging cash and doesn't have any assets or product to monetize. Groupon was a wild flop, Facebook is losing its core demographic...the list goes on!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Exactly! Thanks!

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