Friday, December 19, 2014

WTF? "What the Funday" Shinenkai - Free New Year's Party!

Hey! WTF? (What the Funday?) is having another concert! But this one is so special, and it is at the beginning of the year, that we're not calling it a concert. We're calling it a "Shinenkai" (New Year's Party!) And it is free (of course) but you need to have an invitation to get in!

Definition of Shinenkai on Wikipedia:

"A shinnenkai (Japanese 新年会, literally "new year gathering") is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the New Year, usually by the drinking of alcohol. A shinnenkai is generally held among co-workers or friends in January. Like the many festivals (matsuri) and celebrations that the Japanese are known for, a shinnenkai is their way of getting together to celebrate a new year and to make promises to each other to do their best for this year while wishing each other good luck and fortune..."

This is the first Premium Event of 2015 
and only 250 people will be invited! 

This year's WTF? "What the Funday" on InterFM Shinenkai party features and awesome lineup of Japan's best Punk and Retro bands:

The Neatbeats! The 50 Kaitenz! The Privates!

You definitely want to be at this show. This lineup is awesome and we could have made this a regular concert, selling tickets for $50 each and filled a 1000 capacity venue! But no! This is a Premium Event and only 250 people will be invited! 

Imagine that, some of Japan's best bands and you can basically be standing on their toes as they perform! 

The WTF? Shinenkai party and it's free (if you have aforementioned invitation!) How do you get an invitation? Send and email to: "WTF? Shinenkai! New Year's Party!" and you might win! 

(Oh, and come "Like" our Facebook page too!

Just to let you check out how awesome this line up is, here's some videos:

The Privates - Drive All Night (Come "Like" their FB account!)

The 50 Kaitenz - Hey! They Were on TV! (Come "Like" their FB account!)

                The Neatbeats - Snakey Baby  (Come "Like" their FB account!)

Besides these great bands, the drinks will be a dirt cheap ¥500 each (about $5) not to mention the house special which is about $3 cocktails (it is, after all, a New Year's party, Japan style!) And with free entrance with an invitation, it will be the party of the year! Also, Furukawa Taro and me, Mike Rogers, will be hosting the ceremonies.... Who knows? Perhaps rock star and famous person extraordinaire George Williams just might show up!

So, don't miss the coolest show of 2015!!!! The InterFM WTF? "What the Funday" Shinenkai 2015!

Be there!

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Anonymous said...

Shinenkai sounds like it could be a good import to adopt. Rockin party only adds to it. Why not? If you look at it, a third of the TV shows on the 'Food Network' are adaptations of the original 'Iron Chef'

Raindance Film Festival: Confessions of a Sandwich Sign Man

I was hoping my parents never found out about this... But I can't live like this anymore; I can't live with hiding who I really am....