Friday, May 27, 2011

BBC Data Shows Global Warming to Destroy UK Coastline and Tourism Industry

Shocking revelation! Just after my most recent article about the fall in tourism to Japan from Europe, this information is released by the BBC about the effects of Global Warming on the UK economy.

Global Warming Alert! BBC Announces that rising sea levels will destroy Britain's coastline and the tourism industry turning that once proud nation into a giant penis shaped island. What a cock and balls! Something must be done. Watch the video for yourself and see:

I told many friends several years ago that Global Warming was all just a bunch of BS... Now it's even being ridiculed on one of its formerly strongest proponents the BBC.

On the other hand, rising sea levels predicted to turn Japan 
into one huge nipple which will be VERY good for Japan's "slagging"
tourism industry and could be the "boost" Japan needs

Can there be any thinking person who actually believe in so-called "Man Made Global Warming"?

If so, there are many licensed institutions who are qualified to handle patients such a those. Seek help before its too late!

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Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated (how could anyone add anything useful to your wonderful post!), but blogger Sapphire Sky has some great pics of Mt Fuji, and an interesting comparison with similar paintings by Hokusai.

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