Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Writing My Own Blog Comments!?

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

I just had one of the best laughs I've had in a long time. Thanks to a reader. I think this guy might be pulling my leg and is hilariously funny. If so, thanks! One the other hand, he could be doing too many drugs to be having a logical thought... Which, in my sick, cynical mind could also be too funny! Read on!

This guy actually accuses me of writing my own comments on my blog! Seriously! My comment section is full of "Anonymous" people insulting me, calling me, "Sh*thead!" (worse) etc., etc., or threatening that they will stop reading my blog (besides the really bad ones full of profanity insulting other reader's who write comments that I have to delete everyday!) and this guy accuses me of writing these comments? Now that is a new one!

Anyone who blogs knows that it's hard enough forcing yourself to write stuff for your blog everyday, do we also have to do all the reading and commenting too? Dude! You are kidding, right? If you are, I need to buy you and beer and we can have some laughs.

On the other hand, and quite off the subject, I assure you, some people really should look into that rehab plan they offer in the neighborhood.... Try it. Rehab is not so bad. I even wrote about it years ago at Lew Rockwell.

You can tell the truth about yourself when you own your own businesses and are 100% self-employed.

Funny thing about self-employment and owning your own business; they sure do take up a lot of one's time. Let me brag; I own not two, but three businesses that, while small, still employ 9 people full time and several part-timers. (It's great owning your own business... I wish one of mine would make some money someday!) One of the businesses is expanding (a rough time to do so, but expand we will). And, on top of that, I write for Lew Rockwell and others; religiously spend 30 minutes time everyday with my 7-year-old reading books with him (we have no TV and he jumped from 1st grade to 2nd grade mid-year and I expect him to jump to 4th grade next year); I go to bed at 8:30 pm every night (get up at 3:50 am or so) do a bunch of work before everyone else wakes up; read books everyday; of course I  actually have to actually go to work and do something. 

I am also a member of the school PTA and am preparing to be vice president of PTA in September (if they would accept a poor father like me). I run my own and host charity events, shoot charity videos and produce videos productions and besides that, I cook breakfast for my wife and son everyday and cook or go out to dinner about 5 nights a week with family and friends.

Not to brag, but I am a great cook too.... 

And, on top of all this, I still find the time to pound my pud at the computer like 97% of all guys have admitted to doing in the past - the other 3% are liars.

Here's are my blog stats. I am proud of them and thank all my readers. I don't post stuff like this to brag (oh, well, yeah, there's some of that too) but to show you the silliness that bloggers have to put up with. I can't believe that other bloggers don't get the same sort of nonsense from readers. Any other blogger's who care to share some fun stories? Maybe we can join together to write a 50's style horror book and call it something silly like, "I was a Teenage Were-Blogger!"


This blog started in mid-May of 2010. This chart is from April, 30, 2011. Thanks to good readers like you folks, the monthly trend has gone very well. I've shown this to outside company president's and executives and they were floored at the growth rate. Thank you.


The above is a screen capture of this blog's performance taken just a moment ago. The readers over the last two days are actually down over the trend of the last two weeks. I attribute this to the fact that Japan is now in the middle of Golden Week (a 10-day holiday that started last week Friday). As you can see, coincidentally, my monthly readers numbers were 135,000 as of 6 am this morning. That is an average of 4,500 readers per day. It will be higher by 8:59 am, the cutoff point for the day. 

I love this blog (of course, it's mine!) I have no advertising so I can write whatever I like! I really do wish there were more intelligent commenting, but, I guess that takes several years to foster. I thank all readers and all supporters. 

Once again, this post's purpose is to: 

1) Totally destroy some nonsense comments by people (or should we say "Comment-tormentors") make to all blogs and have made to this very blog.
2) To show other bloggers that I get this crap too and can't imagine that other's don't also.
3) To ask that we bloggers (seriously) get together and consider a publication (or blog posting) that deals with this sort of subject - it could be hilarious.
4) To show blogger's that they shouldn't give up if, after three months, they get few readers. This is a high mountain to climb and a consistent effort is important. 
5) Blogging is not a popularity contest. Write what you like and damn the torpedoes (and the clowns!)

Remember what Winston Churchill said above. I would recommend that bloggers remember that, when they get silly or insulting comments that they recall that far too many people have much free time and are doing the usual "surfing" (Do they still call it that?) Keeping that in mind I gather that means that these people have much free time. You re,member what the old saying was about free time and idle minds?

On the other hand, some readers need to read more books. Judging from the quality of many comments I get (usually ones I delete so that reader never sees them), I think too many readers have some other, more pressing matters to attend to first before they can patiently sit down and read a book and a have serious, straight and logical thinking process.... But, then again, I don't think bonging makes for a good reading partner.

Like I said, a funny or great idea when you are high is usually not all that great or funny when you are sober.

UPDATE: One more reason why women are so much smarter than men! I mentioned this subject to my wife this morning. She said, "Well, you have to expect this. As you get more and more readers to the blog, you will, of course, get more and more crazies." That's true. I know from my experience at radio & TV, that people with free time are more likely to respond to on-air promotions. 

She added, "The world is not filled with serious level-headed successful people."

Damn! She's right. See? Women are smarter then men. I just spent 15 minutes writing a few dozen paragraphs about this nonsense and my wife sums it all up in 3 sentences. 

Now you tell me if men are smarter then women! (and ask why I cook breakfast and dinner!) 

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