Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LIttle Birdie is Right! Silver Rises $2.13 in 40 Hours!

I posted on this blog that my very old and dear friend Peter Chen (not his real name) who is now working in a very high position at an investment bank in Singapore sometimes calls me up and gives me great advice on stocks and precious metals. His advice is always spot on.

As I wrote on Silver Price Recovery Begins on May 9, 2011:

Just had a friend in China tell me on the phone that the rumor is that central bank of the Chinese Republic (PRC) is going to start buying heavily into physical silver - and demanding delivery - starting first thing tomorrow am. This rumor is going around financial circles in China, Shanghai and Hong Kong and it is also rumored that this will be a process that starts slowly beginning tomorrow May 9, 2011...

The resurgence of silver's price could be tomorrow.... At least that's what my little birdie tells me. ...

His advice was on target this time as silver sent from its opening price on May 9 at $35.62 to the current price, as of this moment, May 10, 2011, at $37.86. That's a $2.24 rise in just under 40 hours. Mighty impressive! 

As usual, with Peter's advice, it always comes at the last minute and I usually don't have the money to take him up on his advice. But, I don't mind giving it to you, my friends and readers.

I call Peter my "Little Birdie." He was right on the money.... Again! So, for now, I get to crow that my blog's  advice was spot on! This is fun ad it reminds me of one of my favorites TV shows in the early 1980's (I think it was) that was a total flop (even though I thought it was hilarious). It was called "Police Squad" and starred Leslie Nielsen.

This idea would later become a hit movie series called "Naked Gun." But as a TV show, it was a failure because people don't sit around watching TV like they do movies. With movies, people pay attention, with TV, they are talking with friends, or doing housework, etc. With a program like Police Squad, if you weren't paying attention, you'd miss the jokes.

So, in my case, my Little Birdie gives me advice. In Police Squad, Leslie Neilson (who played a detective named Frank, would often solve a crime and his partners would say, "How did you know it was him, Frank?" And Frank would answer, "Well, I had a little hunch back at the office."

Right then a hunchbacked old man would walk up and Frank would say,"And here's that hunchback now!" 
In order to help him solve crimes, Frank always had a little hunch back at the office. That hunchback would usually show up and take credit by the end of the program.

If any of you made money on silver this last day and 1/2 I am so happy for you.... I wish my Little Birdie would give me advice more often! (There is one more thing, he says to only buy physical silver never buy paper... ) 


Mark said...

Congrats Mike. And if your little birdie tells you the proper time for selling the precious metals, let us know as well please.

Hiroshima Bill said...

Yes, and we have the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange now offering gold futures with guaranteed delivery. Mike, next time you talk to your little birdie, please ask him if this accumulation has to do with setting up an honest HKMEx silver futures market. So many interesting things going on. Anyway, thanks for the great info!

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