Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger "Disappears" Several Posts

MIsh Fills us in:

As many of you are aware, Blogger posts on Thursday were wiped out across the board (all blogs) when Google restored Blogger to a state from Wednesday, having to back out maintenance gone awry.

I just spoke with the head of the Google Blogger team and he expects "full recovery" of any missing posts, sometime later today."

Well, it didn't happen. I lost a previous blog post about making correct decisions (that had already been commented on by several thoughtful readers about "Making the Correct Decision") and I lost the content of 4 posts that were in "Draft Mode." All four of those have completely disappeared. One of them was a two-part series on the government "take-over" of TEPCO that I had spent over two hours on.

Blogger team expected the posts to return yesterday, but that hasn't happened. Those posts have dropped down the memory hole.

Not only that, but, in my case, I was unable to access my Blogger dashboard to edit or write for almost two days. 

Sorry for the trouble. Maybe it is time to switch to Wordpress.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The same could happen with Wordpress if you use a blog hosted on
The advantages of WP accrue when you host it on your own server, and even then you could still lose stuff if the server goes down or the server provider /hosting company gets into trouble. Still, you have more control with your own version of WP, and as long as you backup your data (which of course you would, right? Everybody does) and your databases then you wouldn't lose too much. Old data would be backedup on your own hard-drive, so you could restore from there if the need arose.

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