Monday, May 30, 2011

Living in Japan - White Cultural Superiority Complex

White Cultural Superiority Complex? This girl says it all. This applies in Japan or anywhere

elsewhere in Asia.

Japan Talk 13: アメリカで「外人」でいること Being a Foreigner in America:



Anonymous said...

She means well, but I suspect she suffers from a limited social circle.
I'm one of those white folks she generalizes about.
None of my vendors or customers are "surprised" when I speak Japanese. They expect it.
It is exceedingly rare to have strangers (taxi-drivers, store clerks, cops) "surprised" when I communicate with them in Japanese.
My dating days are over, but if I can remember that far back, anytime I met a female who was interested in me, she would shower me with whatever insincere compliments she could think of. Not limited to Asia, certainly. And if one of those compliments were 「日本語が上手!」, I would think "lame" and move on usually.

Anonymous said...

Yeah as above, she may mean well but so what. She is just some young chick, why should we Ojisans listen? (To point out both an unfortunate truism and also the crippling mindset in Japan)

But that aside, everyones got an opinion, even a 23 year old but I think I ll stick with published sources on cross cultural communication, rather just one young person.

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