Monday, May 2, 2011

Japan's Financial Armageddon is Coming in 60 Days?

Is the financial Armageddon coming soon? Many people are now warning that it is inevitable. I agree. It may not be in 60 days, but I think it is coming Autumn 2011. I'm not sure, but things are lining up poorly so I think you had better get prepared. This is a warning.

People should listen to my warnings. I warned people in October of 2008 to buy gold and silver and to stock up on food (click the links for proof). At that time, gold was $724.08 an ounce (today gold is $1562.30) and silver was $9.11 an ounce (today silver stands at $47.40).

If you had taken my advice, you would have easily more than doubled your investment in gold and taken over a 520% profit on silver. It's still not too late to get into gold and silver but a price correction is coming so wait a bit.* There will be no price correction on food. Stock up now, while you can. 

*Note: A few hours after the posting of this article (check the dates and times) the price of silver dropped almost 10%.

After the big Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, when the stores shelves were bare for a week or so (and no one knew at the time how things were going to turn out on the food and water situation) my family was fine; we had 6 months of food and water, enough for 5 people, stocked up and ready to go. When people panicked and ran away from Tokyo or when they were fighting for parking spaces at the local grocery store, or fighting for bottles of water, I only watched and shook my head in disbelief.

How can people be so gullible and foolish? How can people be so negligent and irresponsible not to be prepared?

The repercussions of the Japan earthquake and tsunami followed by the nuclear accident has created shock waves throughout the world. Throw that on top of the soon-to-come collapse of the Euro...

Either preceded or followed by the collapse of the US dollar.... 

A lot of people predicted an economic calamity after the earthquake and tsunami. But, now some are saying it didn't happen. The fact is that the earthquake and tsunami are blips on the screen in the overall picture of the world economy.... But taken together with the information contained in the videos above, and they stat to cause one to consider.

Consider the Euro zone and the US dollar - along with Japan's aging problem and public debt problems - in the context of the repercussions for the business world of the Japan disaster. For a small example of how the Japan calamity is affecting foreign nations and companies, consider the fact that Japanese cars manufacturers have closed many of their plants as they are unable to obtain parts. 

On initial inspection, this doesn't seem to be such a problem. But these plants, and including Japanese plants in the USA, employ tens of thousands of people. Now, what about the satellite businesses that deal with cars? The list is long, but here's two easy ones; Tire makers or service stands? What about other businesses that cater to auto worker employees? How about them? Home manufacturers, clothes makers, shoes manufacturers, the entertainment sector, banks, credit card companies, etc., etc.? 

Now, consider the fact that nearly ever company must file their quarterly business report, well, every quarter. That means that the earthquake occurred on March 11... Let's just use March 30th as an easy calculation... This means that all of these corporations will show the effect of the Japan disaster - added to an already overloaded world economic crisis - and you just might have one more straw added to the camel's back... Could it be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

I don't think so. But throw on the extremely high probability of a Greek, Irish and Portuguese default on public debt and the ground swell rumors now abounding that Spain and Italy are next ( and are "Too big to bail") then you have a serious problem.

Let me give you fair warning again. Especially if you live in Japan: 

1) Store up enough water for at least 2 months (6 months preferable)
2) Fill your bathtub with water every night (if water stops you can use for cleaning)
3) Today or this week, buy at least 2 months of canned food (6 months preferable)
4) It is still not too late! Start saving money every month by buying gold and silver. If you have some savings, take 33% of it out of the bank and buy gold. Take the other 33% and keep it at  safe place at home.

It looks like we are headed for some really rough times. Better be prepared to stay out of the way.

If you want to find the best places to buy gold and silver, search those keywords on this blog's search function. I've warned people so many times up until now, that I'm tired of linking to it over and over.

Will people pay attention this time? If history is any guide, the answer is "No!" 


Mark said...

Once heard a saying that sums up the whole situation, "There are two ways to sleep well at night, be ignorant or be prepared".

Anonymous said...

Wow, for someone so fearless when it comes to radiation, there is some serious fearmongering going on here. On what grounds do you see a collapse in food in wealthy countries? What are your sources? And you must have more to back it up than Ron Paul, considered by many economists to be a bit of a crackpot.

Wait, don't tell me. The New World Order is coming.

Anonymous said...

The Mormons are encouraged to keep a year's supply on hand. So the old joke in high school was to survive Armageddon, you need two things: the address of a Mormon and a gun. :)

Anonymous said...

"Prediction is difficult, especially about the future."
-Yogi Berra

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I find this advice just plain common sense. I lived through the Kobe earthquake and we didn't have water for 6 weeks... Then after that, it was rationed for 2 or 3 months... Everyone in Kobe fills their bath up with water every night. No big surprise there, it used to be common sense amongst the Japanese to fill their bathtubs with water every night due to possible quakes.
Don' know much about New World Order and don't see any mention of it on this blog.
Phil R. in Kobe

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Mark & Phil,
Actually I couldn't care less if anonymous doesn't listen to me. If he is in Japan and doesn't he is simply a fool. Here is is almost 60 days after the Tohoku earthquake and water is still rationed to one bottle per person here in Tokyo. It doesn't matter to me if he listens to my advice about silver or gold either. The people who did, made out quiet well... Anyone who lives in a frequent earthquake country like Japan who doesn't have water and food stored up is either a fool or negligent. His call.
Like Mark said, sleeping well at night is a question of ignorance or preparation... How much does it cost to prepare a family of 4 for 2 months of food or water? ¥80,000? (about $950 USD)... Like I said, if he doesn't want to do it, let him do as he wishes.
No food shortage in western countries? Hello? Food prices have shot up 40% in the USA in the last 2 years.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: Sometimes I even impress myself. Not 1.5 hours after I wrote that people shouldn't buy silver now because the price was heading for a drop, the price of silver crashed 10%.
Mighty impressive if I do say so myself.... Eh? Mark in Okachimachi? What did I tell you, baby?

Anonymous said...

Of course, the fact that you were also screaming for people to buy just a week ago at around $49 near the top of the parabolic move is mighty impressive, too. ;)

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Anonymous or Ira, or whatever your real name is. You are being either disingenuous or you are dishonest, I was pointing out that I had found an error on Perth Mint's webpage that was still selling silver at a mere $1.13 dollar over spot price. The title of the article is: "Buy Silver at $1 Dollar Over Spot But Do it RIGHT NOW!" That's pretty simple to understand what the sales point was there, isn't it? It's not about current price, it's about buying and cutting the sales margin you have to pay. The point was the price over spot! I also mentioned that they would correct that error by morning, which they did. Here's the link:
Now! Go back to your room.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: Oh, and here's one for you, Anonymous. I said that silver was going to retract. I was right. Now is the time to buy. I've said many times that people should begin a plan to buy precious metals every month. So buying consistently averages out your prices.... That being said, silver is going to $125 USD and ounce by 2014. How's that for a prediction? Buy anytime you can get it at $1 dollar over spot. In Japan, ounces sell for over $10 (USD) over spot.

Anonymous said...

I love it when people who own stocks, commodities, or precious metals broadcasts to everyone else to buy what he owns, which of course inflates the value of his investment.

Precious metals, like any other investment, are subject to boom/bust cycles, so buyers, beware...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

Don't you dare call me disingenuous, or dishonest.

I simply pointed out in a tongue-in-cheek manner (even adding a winky emoticon) the difference between 'relatively' cheap and 'absolutely' cheap, as well as the need to consider total cost and not simply focus on commission spread as opposed to underlying cost.

Which is more expensive: $49 plus a $1 spread, or $45 plus a $2-3 spread?

You cannot scream for people to buy the former, then just a week later call a top (i.e., don't buy now!) and crow. Well, you can, just expect someone like me to poke you in the ribs about it.

I have also been buying PM via a automatic fixed monthly amount plan and recommending that others also do so as an alternate retirement plan for some 8+ years now. And while I also think that PM will be higher in the future, I also know enough to know that one cannot predict the future as per the Yogi Berra quote I also posted above. That said, I watch momentum and sentiment indicators, and have adjusted my additional buying downward ever since the silver price started trending parabolic and looking a bit manic north of $40. If we get a decent correction down to the low $30s, or with luck to the mid to low $20s, I will step up again. And if not, fine.

So don't call me disingenuous or dishonest just to soothe your ruffled feathers. And don't confuse a bit of luck with genius. No one who makes predictions is ever ever 100% right, and lucky timing os often just that - luck - rather than actual foresight. You crowed a bit, so you got told to eat a bit of crow in a joking manner. Not something to lash out and insult about IMO.

FYI, I am the person you quoted a couple of times in past posts about personal responsibility, leadership and justice/injustice re: the Flyjin issue. Maybe I should rethink my participation and contributions to the blog.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Wait a minute! Anonymous.
1) Are you in Japan? If you are not, we are comparing apples and oranges in a sense. I specifically stated - from long ago, in many blog posts that I am talking about buyers in Japan - and that I am recommending these products - as well as where to buy for Japan resident's. There is no place in Japan that you can buy silver 1 ounce rounds for $2 ~ $3 over spot.
2) You can poke me in the ribs all you want. It seems you even take the good advice on dollar cost averaging (that I always insist is the best way). Smart.
3) You don't get tons of emails asking for advice. I only wrote about a mistake on the Perth mint web page. You, yourself said that no one can predict the future. I agree but let me have fun on MY BLOG and do so when I want.
4) Pardon me, but I sold out 56 kilograms of silver at $47.37 (almost the top on 4/21) the very next Monday morning ( after a 3 day drop) I found that Perth Mint web error. When ounces of silver sell for $19 over spot in Japan (I will prove it to you in my next posting) and I find a place that is messing up and selling at $1 dollar over spot I will recommend to snatch it up immediately to my readers.
5) To repeat, there's been many articles I written about buying PM in Japan. I have never written one about buying PM in another country.
6) We must calculate dollar / yen conversion rate in everything we do.
7) You write as "Anonymous" and say that I have quoted you. Thanks, in the past for great quotes. But I am not a mind reader. I also get comments from you... "Anonymous" (a lot really) who insult me and swear at me and call me mother f*cker, sh*t head, etc. etc. Please read the last sentence of the "Post a Comment Section." Like I said, I'm not a mind reader, nor am I your mother who is here to comfort you. If you don't want to contribute, I'd be sorry to see you leave. If you do wish to contribute and be taken more seriously, and with more respect, then even a handle is better than using "Anonymous." I wrote about your past comments here:

Anonymous said...

Mark said... "Once heard a saying that sums up the whole situation, "There are two ways to sleep well at night, be ignorant or be prepared"."

That goes right along with something I read online, I can sleep at night when the wind blows.

What cracks me Up, is when someone says something like, "Ron Paul, considered by many economists to be a bit of a crackpot."

I always think, those "economists" mentioned are likely the ones who didn't see the housing bubble for what it was, didn't anticipate the 2007 financial crash and say we are in recovery now. HAHA.

Another thing that cracks me Up is when someone says something like, "Precious metals, like any other investment, are subject to boom/bust cycles, so buyers, beware..."

Obviously, the idea that PMs are subject to boom/bust and what that implies goes right over their head, whoosh.

Anonymous said...

There are no bars or restaurants that allow smoking in my area anymore.

I left the whoosh comment above, sign me as clark.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks all... Anyway, I am writing a post - specifically for people living here in Japan (this blog is about Media, Marketing and all things Japan, after all). Why my advice was right (and you still didn't get stung so bad after the 10% drop on the London and NY exchanges for silver)... I will shows today's Tokyo price (after the drop) compared with that $1.13 over spot that I said was a steal, and still show you in simple math how you still did OK... I'll have it up by tomorrow am Japan time (Gotta go pick up the kid from school!)

Anonymous said...

Uhm, is it just me or does anyone else suspect that these 'anonymous' posters representing the blogger's support network are 'Mike in Tokyo?'

We're on to you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "Uhm, is it just me or does anyone else suspect that these 'anonymous' posters representing the blogger's support network are 'Mike in Tokyo?'"

That cracks me Up too, HAHAHA, how ridiculous.


mike in tokyo rogers said...

Yeah, Clark. You MUST be on to me! Just above here is two comments by you. One signed, one not (or do you suspect me of being you too? No, that's called Schizophrenia!) Since my blog gets, on average, over 5,000 readers a day, I don't think I have to write Anonymous comments too do I? Of course, guys like you will suspect that Supermen like me have the time to own and run two companies, take care of a family, drive my kid to school and still cook dinner every night, write, do charity work and make videos, as well as blog 2 ~ 3 times day - and sit here clicking my cursor in order to get several thousand hits to my blog.
Look at my blog counter. It speaks for itself. You are just jealous. But, OK, send along your resume, I'll see if I can find you a job mopping floors or in the kitchen peeling potatoes. If nothing else, I am, after all, a benevolent God.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!... I think you got mixed up a bit there. I'm Not the Anonymous at May 3, 2011 2:21 PM.

I was making fun of That person.

I didn't think that, "these 'anonymous' posters representing the blogger's support network are 'Mike in Tokyo?'"" No way, no how.
That's why I said it was ridiculous.

Sorry for sparking you off, it wasn't my intention, I was just going with the flow. Perhaps I used bad grammar?

I didn't sign off because it was the easy thing to do at first, but i noticed it bothered you (and me too somewhat) so I added my nic,... no Schizoid B.S., just trying to be real, or as real as I can get without getting a brick thrown through my window for expressing myself, that really is No fun whatsoever.

- clark

I think you are right, that Anonymous person is jealous.

Also, No harm. no foul. Hago.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Clark,

Thanks. I know that you are a good dude. Guess what? That wasn't the first time someone accused me of writing my own fan mail! I think there are a very many Americans (of course!) with some really weird ideas.

I can imagine why in the world I would write readers comments to myself that insult me. What the hell for? Of course, all the readers comments that are complimentary are written by family members or people on payroll!

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