Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twitter SPAM = Twitter Sucks

I don't get it. In the last 24 hours I've gotten at least 50 (no exaggeration) SPAM mails from Twitter. Now, think about that for a second... Why in the world would anyone send you SPAM mail through Twitter?

Last night I got several mails from friends asking me why I sent them messages through Twitter... Considering the fact that I rarely send messages through Twitter (Duh? I think that's what I have an email account for, isn't it?) there's no way I'd be sending mails through Twitter.

Two friends wrote to me about it. One friend, who I work with daily and talked to on the phone twice yesterday, called me up and asked me what the hell was going on with a weird Twitter message she got from me? I knew immediately that she had been getting SPAM through Twitter just like I had... 

Ha! Spam through Twitter? Doesn't Twitter suck enough as it is without other people making it even worse? As my psychotic friend Ron E. Fast used to say (with a twisted face and an evil grin) "Why can't people just learn to love one another?"

"Live and let live, I say! Or are you calling me a liar?"

I also got this message from another friend yesterday. She wrote:

@mikeintokyo2004 Mike, forget that last message,I think I've been hacked! Happened to quite a few on my timeline. Why unimportant me?Regards

Here are several examples of the nonsense mails that filled my inbox yesterday:
- - Automated DM, You are tweeting too much! click here to avoid account suspension!
Direct message sent by Ats..... N....(@......) to you (@mikeintokyo2004) on Oct 04, 9:58 PM.

Twitter might suspend my account!? Oh, stay my beating heart! Please, by all means, do!
"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you to suspend my account!"

I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this?
Oct 04, 5:07 PM VOUCH (@TR……….) からあなた (@mikeintokyo2004) に送信されたダイレクトメッセージ
This one is funny for two reasons... One is that I know this guy very well and know that there is no way in the world he could construct a sentence in English this well (or, if you examine the grammar, this poorly - this is a tad bit better than the mails I get from rich princes in Nigeria who have left me lots of money upon their death). And, two; because I don't need to go read a blog to see about the bad things people say about me; I can just go to work to hear all I need on that front...

And another thing... I live in Japan. At least 1/2 of my Twitter friends don't speak English. There's no way that they'd be writing Twitter messages to me in English. Laughable!

Anyway, just another reason that Twitter sucks. My first friend, Brenda, wrote and asked why someone would hack her account and use it for SPAM. She writes, "Why unimportant me?" Brenda, my dear, you are important. 

The question should be "Why send SPAM mails through unimportant Twitter?"

Twitter, Facebook and Groupon are in a tight race to see which can suck the most. It's a close race...

In the last 24 hours, Twitter has taken the lead in suckiness. Another 24 ~ 48 hours of this and Twitter is going down the Crapper.

UPDATE! THE SPAM IS STILL GOING! I just got this message in my mailbox:


More on "Why I'm a Twitter Quitter!"

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Andrew Joseph said...

Hey Mike! I see I made your blog right at the end. And people wonder why I only just started Twitter. I might just back out of it. Yuck.

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