Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Idiot People and Cultural Superiority Complex

This will come as no surprise to anyone, but there are some really stupid people running around. The surprise to me is how these stupid people have gainful employment or even live the upper-class life.

Today is a typical example of one. He represents just one more person (a microcosm that represents the whole) of why the USA is collapsing as the ruling class fails to understand the working class or poor people (the rapidly expanding portion of the US population).

The guy is a writer named Ben Stein. This guy is so full of himself and living in such a sheltered world that it defies explanation. Wikipedia says:

Benjamin Jeremy "Ben" Stein (born November 25, 1944) is an American actor, writer, lawyer, and commentator on political and economic issues. He attained early success as a speechwriter for American presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Later he entered the entertainment field and became an actor, comedian, and Emmy Award-winning game show host.
Stein has frequently written commentaries on economic, political, and social issues, along with financial advice to individual investors.

Hmmm? He was born in 1944 and was a speechwriter for president Nixon? Then a game show host? What a tool! This guy is a real life joke.

Now he writes for the American Spectator? Well, we all know how wealthy magazine writers are by how their numbers of subscribers are rapidly expanding! Ha! Ha! Ha!

By the way, Nixon was president from 1969 to 1974... So, I think this "speechwriter" for Nixon is an exaggeration. They are saying that a 26 ~ 30 year old guy was a "speechwriter" for a US president? I find that hard to believe. I might believe that he wrote a speech, or a few speeches, but "speechwriter" suggests that he wrote many speeches and was on staff, no?...

Doesn't that stretch the imagination a bit?

Anyway... Besides exaggeration and the ability to bloviate his past record (why anyone would brag about writing stuff for that other slick talking president Ford), Stein has written a piece criticizing the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I am not pro or anti Wall Street Occupation. My personal opinion is that this occupation won't last (especially when it starts to get cold, or will just wind up as a bunch more homeless people in New York. There's lots of those so what's a few thousand more in a city of millions?) But, I am happy that people are waking up in the USA finally.

Anyhow, Stein criticizes these people. I have no problem with that, but I do have a problem with his holiness and his cultural superiority complex.

He writes in the American Spectator:


So... today rain came down in sheets here in Los Angeles. As I walked down Camden Drive in Beverly Hills after a righteous lunch at Mister Chow, the wind was forcing the rain at me horizontally. I got soaked. Earlier, my wife had slipped and fallen on the wet, slippery floor of a parking garage. No one in the garage made a move to help her. I, of course, picked her up and said to the parking attendant, "You're pretty stupid. That woman who fell is the only woman in Beverly Hills who wouldn't sue you for that slip. You might at least thank her and help her."
He shrugged and said something in Spanish.

Laughable. "Righteous lunch at Mister Chow"? Are you kidding me? Did you get a free lunch for this shameless plug?....
On top of that, he actually wrote this crap:

No one in the garage made a move to help her. I, of course, picked her up and said to the parking attendant, You’re pretty stupid. That woman who fell is the only woman in Beverly Hills who wouldn’t sue you for that slip. You might at least thank her and help her.

What's he want the guy to say? "Thank you, ma'am for falling. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Can I help you fall again?" What an idiot Ben Stein is. I can't believe that he writes such drivel. The attendant is "....pretty stupid. That woman who fell is the only woman in Beverly Hills who wouldn’t sue you for that slip." 

Gee, if he wants car parking service, he should use the valet parking.

Riiiiiight! This rich woman from Beverly Hills and her husband is going to sue some Hispanic parking lot attendant because the wife slipped on the parking lot floor? Heavens! 

Sue the parking lot attendant for what? The $80 a week he makes? 

Ben Stein is the only "stupid" person in this picture, wouldn't you agree? (Maybe that's what the attendant replied in Spanish).

Ben Stein! Planet earth is calling you. Time to get back to the real world. If you don't like it, why don't you go crying to daddy? Or, perhaps, learn some Spanish, honky, like the more than 55% of the people in Southern California speak!

Stein is pretty much indicative of why the USA is so messed up and how white people (OK, he's Jewish, so what?) fail to - or don't even attempt to - understand the way the lower middle class and poor people live. That's why things in the USA keep getting worse.

Sue a parking lot attendant in court, indeed!

Stein! Conseguir una vida! (Get a life!)

*Mr. Stein, if you don't like this article by a nobody blogger... I'm sure you can seek a lawyer... I mean, after you win your court case of Stein vs. Parking Lot Attendant. 


Anonymous said...

I don't get the car-park story: "I, of course, picked her up". If he's right there, why should anyone move to help her?

I saw Ben Stein once, on a Peter Schiff video, where Stein (along with all the other "experts") laughed at Schiff for predicting a financial crisis in 2008. That was in 2006/7. The rest is history and so is Stein as far as I'm concerned.

And just what the h*** is a "righteous" lunch? Pompous twit.

diego.a said...

Ben Stein Sidenote:
He guest starred on several episodes of "Charles in Charge". In the first episode he did, he played a college loan office who tells a poor college student in Jan. 1987: "If you want any new government money, you will have to declare yourself a third world country and flirt with communism."

I guess it is not strange in America to have TV teaching pre-teens the difficult choices government bureaucrats have to make: national welfare or international welfare for political ends.

Andy "In Japan" said...

It runs in the family. His brain dead father, Herb Stein, was the idiot who came up with the Stalinist wage and price control scheme during the Nixon regime.

Ben Stein wasn't funny in the Ferris Beuhler movie. He's not witty or funny when he bullies lower income people like the parking lot attendant. And he's not witty or funny when he criticizes people who are protesting the welfare queens on Wall Street who used their pull to get their gangster pals in government and the Federal Reserve to counterfeit trillions of dollars for them.

Mark Davis said...

Ben Stein is an idiot. His elitist brand of righteous indignation is most annoying. But his commentaries on economics reveal that he is totally clueless in his supposed area of "expertise". A complete fraud.

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