Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shocking Video of Little 2-Year-Old Girl in China Getting Run Over by Truck... and Why China Can Never Be Number One

This is a video that has shaken Chinese society to her roots. It shows what China has become. A two-year old girl is hit by a truck and run over. The truck doesn't bother to stop. A second vehicle also runs over the child. A total of eighteen people walk by the critically injured tyke yet no one stops to help until a cleaning lady happens by.

This is a very shocking video. Parental discretion is advised.

That poor dear child. This tears my heart out.

I have been to China several times and have seen how people will not lift a finger to help someone laying in the road. It is truly shocking. Some westerners who go to China and do help people in the streets are often celebrated on TV as some sort of heroes!

Some people have told me that China today is that way because of years of poverty and the government doing little to help so that people have come to think that they must fend for themselves and that other people do not matter.

In 2010, I was the marketing director for a Macau based airlines and, one day, the government of China revoked the airline's license causing nearly 5,000 Japanese to be stranded. That's just one example, but that sort of thing would be impossible in Japan. The Japanese government might revoke a license, but they'd make damn sure the people were taken care of and could get home first.

The Chinese government? I don't know what to think.

It is for this reason, and the related causes and symptoms, that I do not believe China can ever be number one. The social fabric of that country has come apart and there is no respect for private property and the concept of social responsibility has virtually disappeared. 

Mish Shedlock has his own comments about this video. He wrote:

There is quite a difference between failing to act out of 

fear for yourself or life vs. complete indifference as to 

what happens to a little girl run over by a van. 

The video represents the tragic state of everyday affairs in China.

The Yuan will not become the new world reserve currency.

China does not have deep enough capital markets or deep enough bond markets. China does not respect human or property rights, and contrary to popular belief there are so many problems with being the world's reserve currency that Chinese leadership does not even want it.

Mish has more at: 


Japanese people say that China is a very "恐ろし国"
 (very scary country). Things like this video do 
nothing to dispel this kind of thinking. 

I am also very saddened to report that this little
girl has died due to her injuries.

May god bless her soul.

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Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted by what has happened to our world today; that I have no words that can explain what I have just seen. In this day and age I can log on and witness what is so wrong with society. In fact someone told me about this story and I did not believe it; and the fact it is true leaves my heart empty. The fact is it probably happens every day all around the world; you usually hear it, but don't believe it can really be true; seeing it is another matter. May her soul rest in peace...even the word shocking cannot explain this :0(

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mike, it's true that some of those who passed by were simply heartless. At the same time, China is still, by and large, a third world country. There are many instances wherein good samaritans are sued despite their good intentions. With little in the way of social security, these isolated incidents (however few) deter people from helping out, for they assume the risk of losing their life savings or greater going out of their way for a stranger - young or old.

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