Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos of Japan's Top Sexy Actresses and Models for December 2011

(Well, if you work at Victoria's Secret Catalogue, they're safe. If you work at the Baptist Church on the corner, they are definitely not safe!!!)

It's a Sunday morning so it's time for some entertainment...

My good friend in the states who wishes to remain nameless asks that I post the names and photos of the girls who I think are the most beautiful and sexiest in Japan today... I reckon that he wants to know the exact names - in English - so he can do his own, er, "research." OK. This blog is about Japan. Japan has tons of extremely sexy women.... I also hear that 70% of Internet surfers worldwide are men. I am a man. I blog. I need readers, so here is a shameless attempt to get more readers, er, "viewers . 

(Some people ask me, "Mike, are you doing this for the money?" And I answer, "Why, yes. How did you know?")

So, without further ado. Here's the first edition of Japan's Top Sexy Actresses and Models. I guess, from looking at these cheesecake photos, I should make this a regularly scheduled blog post. Ahem...

Mikie Hara

Arisa Taki

Haruka Ayase

Aya Kikuchi

Ai Shinozaki

Nonami Takizawa

Arisa Taki

Ai Shinozaki

Sora Aoi

Aikawa Mina

And, of course, my current favorite, Yukie Kawamura who starred in the "classic" splatter film, "Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl."

Of course, I say that Yukie Kawamura is my current favorite, but you wouldn't kick any of these girls out of bed for eating sembei (rice crackers).

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Jimbo said...

This has got to be your best blog post yet! Keep up the good work. :)

Kevin Riley said...

Yum. Boobs with my breakfast. My fave? Ai Shinozaki.


Mark Davis said...

The research must have been exhausting.

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