Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rock Solid Case For Ron Paul in Two Paragraphs and Facebook

Establishment (Prior to) Ron Paul Victory in Iowa: "The Iowa Primary is the most important election since the establishment of our nation".

Establishment (Post) Ron Paul Victory in Iowa: "Iowa is not significant, these aren't the droids your looking for". (Waves Hand) - Blog commentator

Mish Shedlock gets my award for the best economics blog of 2011.

In today's blog post, he links to a piece he found at the European Disunion Blog and says that this quote is a rock-solid case for the election of Ron Paul in just two short paragraphs.

The post?

Don't want endless foreign wars, but do want a strong military for defense? Vote Ron Paul. Do want bankers to be subjected to greater scrutiny and accountability? Vote Ron Paul. Don't want the government to tow the line of corporate interests? Vote Ron Paul. Do want to be allowed to say and think what you will - even do what you will - provided that it does not harm or infringe upon the rights of others? Vote Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul is the only candidate who does not accept donations from big business - his campaign is funded entirely by individuals. Yet it forms policy from a conservative outlook: pragmatic, rather than idealistic, with any reforms carefully considered before implementation, with a strict doctrine of fiscal prudence to boot. In short, it is the perfect blend for individualistic yet reasoned and cash-strapped America. 

Read more great commentary daily from Mish at the Global Economic Analysis Blogspot. I like it so much that I read it everyday and have it bookmarked.

Also, by the way, Ron Paul is skyrocketing on Facebook while the others are dropping like flies. Check out the Elections Inside Facebook Page:



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There is no other 'candidate'. The rest are for themselves and the lobbyists.

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