Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot Young Female Japanese Actresses, Yakuza Gangsters, Sex and Japanese TV and Mass Media - This Post Has it All!!!

Japan's news has been in a tizzy about the Yakuza and all the scary and awful things that they do that the weekly magazines just can't get enough. Today's post has it all: Sexy young girls, actresses to be exact; prostitution, gambling, mafia, TV producers and shows, and other naughty bits.

Since April of 2011, the Japanese police have been obsessed with the activities of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. This writer thinks it's a total farce and waste of hard-earned taxpayer monies chasing these guys around.

Yukie Kawamura - Japan's Hottest Young Actress? 
(and today's sexy Japanese girl cheesecake photo... 
After all what story about gambling, sex and mafia would be complete without one?)

What horrendous crimes are the Yakuza guilty of? Well, they are guilty of the terrible crimes of scalping tickets and prostitution. As far as the crime of ticketing (that's surely the most pressing problem we have today). Please refer to: Japan's Yakuza Mafia Faces a Crackdown:

Recent scandals over illegal gambling among sumo players and ringside VIP tickets for Japan's notorious yakuza gangsters have enveloped Japan's venerated sport of sumo and fascinated the public.

Lupin III - "Folk hero." Yakuza Japanese gangster. Cartoon star.
There's not a person in Japan who doesn't like this character. Kind of 
like a Robin Hood or Jesse James to the Japanese.

Then, another victimless mutually consented act of sex between two adults in the privacy of their own room please refer to: "Sex Services in Japan First to Get Back to Business After Earthquake." 

Even the horrifying death and devastation that struck northeastern Japan on March 11 could not suppress the human sex drive for long. Friday (June 10) reports that sex businesses were among the first to recover, many as soon as one week after the disaster.
“I was back at my job on March 18,” says Kitty-san, a 21-year-old employee of a delivery health (out-call sex service) service named Ainori in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. “From the day we reopened demand was even higher than it was before the disaster. Many customers had suffered from the catastrophe, and had even lost family members. They justified their urges, saying they 
‘sought psychological relief’ or ‘wanted to be consoled.’....

I applaud these businesses for getting back on track early and creating jobs for people. The economy needs it.

What people need to realize is that the Yakuza have been involved in the entertainment business in Japan for easily over 400 years. Here's two choice tidbits from Wikipedia:

"They are very prevalent in the Japanese media..."

"Despite uncertainty about the single origin of yakuza organizations, most modern yakuza derive from two classifications which emerged in the mid-Edo Period (1603 – 1868): tekiya, those who primarily peddled illicit, stolen or shoddy goods; and bakuto, those who were involved in or participated in gambling."

Now, once again, the Tokyo Reporter gives us a story that the - surprise! - Yakuza are involved in TV! Heavens! What will we ever do?  Here's the story from Tokyo Reporter. I have my commentary in between also.

Tokyo Reporter:

“Entertainment production companies are basically gangster front companies,” says a former television station manager. 

Well, yes and no. Some are. Actually I own a entertainment production company since 1992 and haven't seen any Yakuza around, so this blanket statement is not true (though sometimes I'd like to hire one!) I'm sure in any country there are shady businesses operating. And just what sort of hijinks are these folks guilty of?

“They’ll engage in the wining and dining of TV station producers,"

Wining and dining of prospective clients!? Well, no sh*t Sherlock. Wining and dining to get a client? Never heard of such a thing. This must be stopped! (Over flowing cynicism)

"... and offer gambling on the golf course and mahjong, in which the producers will be intentionally allowed to win big."

Hoo-hum. This writer's never been to Las Vegas? Nah. Letting someone win at a game of cards? Never!

"...Then they might be taken to high-end hostess clubs, operated by gangsters affiliated with the entertainment production company, in Ginza and Roppongi at no charge."

They might be taken to high-end hostess clubs, operated by gangsters affiliated with the production company?... At no charge"? Might!? What a bunch of losers! In any country in the world, it wouldn't be "might" if you wanted to land the big juicy contract, it would be "must." And what's this "No charge" business? Of course it's no charge. 

"Taken to a high-end hostess club"?! You can't be serious. That this BS is even an issue is ridiculous. No! It has never happened in the USA as was reported in the DC Madam case with thousands of Washington insiders who have never been prosecuted (but, you see, they are our masters not lowly peasantry like us) or on CNBC news.

The companies will also arrange parties with some hot, young female actresses. Invitations to soaplands also occur.”

Well, if they are young female actresses, they'd better be hot. And, for the uninitiated, soapland is sort of, how shall I say, er,... a "Disneyland for men,"... if you know what I mean.
As a result, the TV station producers will be influenced regarding the casting and structuring of upcoming programs. 

"Will be influenced"? Is that what they call it nowadays? They used to call it "blowjobs"...These are called, "perks" of the job for TV producers. They get these "perks" because they climbed the ladder for 30 some years.

But there is yet a potentially darker side, the magazine warns.

"Darker side?" Cue ominous music....
“TV employees at big stations frequent ‘members only’ clubs in Nishi Azabu that are managed by close associates of gangsters,” says a police investigator. “The network being built up within this community is a concern.”

Heavens! "Members only" What are we ever going to do?

Hot young, Japanese actress Yukie Kawamura gratuitous
cheesecake photo number two

Japan is up deep serious economic problems. We have debt at 229% of GDP. Total debt at 492% of GDP. A declining population which is destroying the savings rate and our productivity and these a*sholes in government and the police are concerned about ticket scalpers, hot young actresses, mutually consented sex between adults, a members only clubs?!

Well, okay. I admit, if I were a cop, I'd be interested in the hot young actresses too.

This reminds me of the opening to Leslie Neilsen's Police Squad TV show back in the early 1980's. The entire show is incredibly funny and absurd. In this clip, at around 3:48, Neilsen as Frank Drebin says:

"My name is Sgt. Frank Drebin detective lieutenant Police Squad a special detail of the police department. There'd been a recent wave of gorgeous fashion models found naked and unconscious in laundromats in the west side. Unfortunately, I was assigned to investigate hold-ups at neighborhood Credit Unions." 

Like I said, absurd and way too funny. Too bad the Japanese police aren't joking and are absolutely serious with this idiocy involving ticket scalping and hot baths with steamy young actresses. 

Why don't those clowns get a real job and, instead of obstructing business, do something positive to help the economy?

UPDATE: Confused people who think the state is here to protect us continually attack me for "defending" the Yakuza (these are the same people who hate drug laws yet they fail to make the connection - go figure). Anyway, to show that what the Yakuza are accused of doing is business as usual in the USA (and, in fact, not nearly as bad as the Yakuza do not bomb and kill children the world over 24/7) watch this:


Thanks to Tokyo Reporter!


Andrew Joseph said...

Mike... very Junko-ish... if you know what I mean... yours is a little bustier, though.

Zanchito said...

Well, this does it. Of course you're against such a thing, you must be a yakuza yourself! Running an entertainment company, in the past you have admitted to drinking alcohol and at some point in your youth using drugs. You like hot women and induce us to sin in our minds by presenting us that seriousli astounding Yukie lady. Also, you buy gold and other shit aoutside the banking system. Clearly suspicious!

Now, can you show us all your cool tattoos?

Zanchito said...

Damn my early morning typing and proof reading skills. I'll never get far into the yakuza world.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Andrew and Zanchito. I needed a good laugh! You two provided!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: Zanchito san, Nope. No tattoos. Really! I hear getting tattoos hurts and I'm too much of a mama's boy to go through even minimal pain. Pain hurts and so I don't like it.
Call me what you want, but I prefer: W-I-M-P!

Jeffrey said...

So, are you making fun of the fact that the police are going after the low end stuff that organized crime is involved with everywhere (though I'm not sure that human trafficking is particularly low end), or are you dismissing the seriousness of organized crime in Japan in general? If it's the latter, you need to explain.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks. I don't need to explain anything. Some people need to do research rather than take mass media propaganda as God's spoken truth.
The Yakuza are not involved with human trafficking and never have been in spite of he propaganda you have heard. I blasted that before: "Yakuza War Breaks Out". The western world's number one expert on the Yakuza has also exposed this as a lie. Here's what the Yakuza really do: "Jake Adelstein - Yakuza: Japan's not so secret criminal underworld".
I am dismissing "crimes" such as prostitution, ticket scalping, gambling and other victimless crimes (as well as legislation of morality) a waste of tax-payer dollars.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS to Jeffrey: People who think the state is here to protect us continually attack me for "defending" the Yakuza (these are the same people who hate drug laws yet they fail to make the connection - go figure). Anyway, to show that what the Yakuza are accused of doing is not nearly as bad as the business as usual in the USA (and, in fact, not even 1/1 millionth) as bad as the Yakuza do not bomb and kill children the world over 24/7) watch this: "60 Minutes: Buying up politicians".

Jeffrey said...

"The western world's number one expert on the Yakuza has also exposed this as a lie. Here's what the Yakuza really do:"

Really? I'm fairly familiar with Adelstein's work, and I think you need to go back a re-read a bit of it. The yakuza are heavily involved in human trafficking and the sex industry in general. In fact, Adelstein spoke at a Polaris Project symposium in Tokyo on this subject last year.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Jeffrey,
Thanks. I read the Polaris project report and stand corrected. I want to be the first to admit when I am wrong, and I thank and respect you for pointing that out to me. Good work.
Still, that being said, I think it is bullshit that the police bust these guys for ticket scalping, prostitution and gambling, etc. In 2010, a Yakuza was arrested for human trafficking (can't remember his name)... But he was actually convicted for another crime - (can't remember that either).
If the police want to focus on human trafficking and wipe that out, OK. That's good (especially the kids part) but the Japanese police have no jurisdiction over other countries so, my point about wasting taxes catching these losers selling tickets stands.

Human trafficking is an international problem (not just Japan) and so it is under the jurisidction of useless organizations like Interpol... (So that's why nothing gets done!)

Again, a recent story about wasting taxes on idiocy: "Hello Kitty Ticket Scalper Arrested! Anal Retentive Police Completely Out of Hand".

Anyhow, about the human trafficking, I stand corrected.

"Human Trafficking in Philippines".

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Oh! I should clarify one thing. As I have written many times before, prostitution should not be illegal. We should protect the children, but if prostitution were not illegal, the human trafficking issue would greatly go away. Like I said, the children should be protected, but creating an underground industry like human trafficking (just like illegal drug trafficking, etc) is caused by government creating laws that stimulate these businesses. If these "crimes" drug usage/abuse and prostitution were decriminalized, these mafia and trafficking organizations would for the most part disappear.
The laws by the government create this self-feeding cycle.
The government uses the "crimes" as partial justification for its existence and higher taxes.

Jeffrey said...


I second you on the fruitlessness of criminalizing prostitution. As long as no coercion is involved, I think it's up to the woman (or man).

However, I don't think the Japanese police really have much interest in going after the yakuza in general, regardless of the crime in part because I'm convinced that corruption runs fairly deep and broad.

I'm not sure prosecutors do either as the Japanese criminal justice system has never given the police the same tools enjoyed by FBI or local police in the U.S. Without something like a RICO statute, the absurdity of organized crime groups having publicly acknowledged club houses won't change.

The problem with all organized crime, particularly when it moves into legitimate businesses, is that it drives up the costs while degrading the service/business (think construction and finance in Japan).

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Yeah, Jeffrey, you are 100% spot on. I think it's like that old Reggae song (popularized by the Clash) "Police & Thieves". Did you say "corruption"? In Japanese government and police? Nah! Never! Couldn't be.

About the driving up of costs... Remember that scene from Armageddon when those guys were on the rocket about to be launched up to blast that Asteroid? The one funny guy said something like, "I makes you comfortable to know that you're sitting right on top of tons of nuclear explosives that are going to be carried to their target on a rocket constructed by the lowest bidder."
Jeffrey, do you consider the federal government "organized crime"? I do. Please consider: "Does Government Protect Us?".

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