Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cool & Strange Music Top 5 for the Week of Sept 2, 2012.

OK. I've been drinking. If you wanna see the Japan Top 5 presented by George Williams, see here

But this is the Cool & Strange Top 5.

I don't know what happened to Dana Countryman (respect) and Dr. Demento (double respect) but I do know that I am qualified to do this countdown as I have 10,000 CDs and a massive collection of weird-assed shit that the two aforementioned illuminaires don't have.

So, without much further ado. here's vol. 1 of the Cool & Strange Music Top 5 for the Week of Sept 2, 2012.

At #5: Jim Backus & Friend - "Delicious"

Remember that this was recorded in a studio so this woman's laughing is awesome and totally believable. 

At #4 is Japan's own Yo-Yo Hashi and Yo-Yo's Place!

Talk about having "Blue Balls!"

Next up, the standard stupid song about Star Wars :

Yeah! That's as about Cool & Strange as you can get!

Nope! Here's bongo genius, Chaino:

And since this is our first issue, here'e #1: Mary Schneider "Yodelling the Overtures." Listen carefully because you'll wonder, as I did, "When does this lady breathe?"

Awesome. See you next Sunday night (Japan time) for more virtual Cool & Strange music!

1 comment:

Andrew Joseph said...

Having played the clarinet for decades and having played the William Tell Overture, breathing is a bitch for this one... but you gasp and do it! the yodelist is awesome!
As far as the bongos go - that's crazy, man! I played teh tenor sax and used to love playing stuff like that - but never had bongos accompany me! Wow.
The banjo is the only instrument in the world that always sounds happy. Hearing Star Wars made me happy, even if you hate it!
You and I have discussed Yo-Yo Hashi and you know i am impressed by this piece. It's a treasure!
But seriously the weirdest one is Jimbo Backus. Mis Magoo. Mr. Thurston Howell the Third... the drunk on the airplane from its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! What the fug was that song? When did he do that? It sounds like they just recorded a typical drinking party of his!
Mike! Great stuff. Lay off the sauce, but keep banging this stuff out!

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