Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Launches Tacky Presents "Gifts" App - FAIL!

Here's another crappy Facebook app that I don't think is going to fly. I mean, if you care enough about someone to buy them a birthday present, you certainly aren't going to buy some trash from Facebook (unless, of course, you also think buying birthday presents at 7-11 is OK!)

Give a gift with class... 7-11 wine or Facebook chocolates or socks! has the story in Facebook Users Can Send Presents:

Facebook is rolling out a service called Gifts which, as its name suggests, lets users send chocolate, coffee, socks and other real-life presents to one another. 

Facebook Gifts launched Thursday to a subset of users in the US and will roll out to more over the coming months as people begin to send gifts to each other. 

Users will be able to click on a "gifts" icon on their Facebook friends' pages on Facebook's website or on Android mobile phones. (iPhone and iPad versions are coming soon.) 

The icon will also show up on the right side of users' Facebook pages with the notifications for friends' birthdays, weddings and other life events. For example, if your friend's birthday is coming up in two days, you'll now see a "give her a gift" link and the gift icon next to her name and photo. 

Clicking the icon will display presents users can buy, such as a Starbucks gift card, cupcakes or a teddy bear. 

The recipient will be notified through Facebook to enter a shipping address for the presents. In some cases, they'll be able to select their own cupcake flavours or size and style of socks. They can also exchange gifts for other items if they don't like chocolate or don't wear socks. 

This is desperate.  I mean, getting a Facebook "Happy Birthday" notice is bad enough as it is, but actually ordering presents through Facebook? Then the recipient has to enter their mailing address to received a gift? Now there's 26 things to hate about Facebook!

Doh! Now why in the world would I give someone a present if I don't care about them enough to even know their mailing address?! And, if I receive a "presents" notice from someone who doesn't know my address (and didn't call me or send me an email to ask) does anyone think I'm going to input my mailing address into Facebook?!

You guys are kidding, right?

This is tacky and, I predict, another Facebook FAIL!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's funny.

Maybe the gift idea thingy was a way to sell lighters?

What, you didn't know they have Facebook lighters for sale at a major gasoline chain in the unitedstate?

The lighters have the words 'Like' and 'Poke' on them. I can tell you want one too,... I should have bought you one. Heh.

- clark

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