Friday, September 14, 2012

Dyson Showroom Event Going on Now Until Monday Sept. 17!!!


Dyson is having the fab event at the "R Gallery Omotesando" exhibition space in Omotesando. The event started on September 12 and runs until the 17th (Monday) this month. It’s only open for a short time so you just gotta get over there this weekend to check it out.

You can go into the showroom and see why Dyson is all the rage and the darling of high tech home cleaning products. At this showroom you can try out everything from their new DC45 cordless vacuum cleaner, the awesome DC46 canister cleaner and even the bladeless fans called “Air Multiplier” (how does it blow cold and hot air without blades?) It was explained to me, but I still couldn’t understand.


Every woman's dream husband! Not only does he dress nicely, but he cleans the house too! (All photos by Michio Hashimoto)

You can also try the brand new vacuum cleaners in the store!

Today, Friday September 14th, 2012 is British Day and that features free sweets and drinks for all guests. On Sunday the 16th, there are participatory workshops for all of you who like to take things apart and see how they work and put them back together again.

Also the artist, Mr. Hiroki, will be drawing portraits under the theme of “the United Kingdom.”

You’ve just gotta go to the Dyson showroom and see what all the fun and excitement is about!

Opening times are from 11 am until 8 pm. The shop will close at 6 pm on Monday, Sept 17th, the final day of this fun event.

See you there!


On the opening night, the boys and me (from 6 O'Clock Yatsura on 76.1 InterFM) did our show live from the Dyson showroom. 

 What a great crowd! Thanks so much! I love you all!

It was a great party and thanks to the 200 + people who showed up! Upstairs at the event are free drinks and snacks too! Cool!

Takatoshi Uchiyama works at 76.1 InterFM but dreams of someday being a hair-stylist!

To test Dyson's new vacuum cleaner head that doesn't get hair tangled up in it, I shaved my head during the show....A guess what? We cleaned up with the new vacuum cleaner head and, Shazam! No hair clogging! Incredible!

Of course, if you are going to do something, do it right... So I also had my friend and part-time barber, Takatoshi Uchiyama, shave a letter "d" in the back of my head!

Smartly shaven-head, there I am with that devilishly handsome John Flanaghan of Dyson! Wait a minute! We all have heads that look like the new Dyson DC46 vacuum cleaner. How did that happen? 
TV and radio star George Williams (the tall guy on the left) mingles with fans at the event!
George interviewing Sir James Dyson at the Dyson Showroom Omotesando

Also, on Sept. 11, 2012, Sir James Dyson visited the showroom and was a special guest on our radio show. Here he his being interviewed by George Williams. 

The Dyson Showroom at Omotesando is great. You've just got to go. Of course, entrance is free and the drinks and refreshments are complimentary too! Opening times are from 11 am until 8 pm. The shop will close at 6 pm on Monday, Sept 17th, the final day of this fun event.

See you there!

Here's the address and a map: 

Dogenzaka R gallery (behind Dogenzaka Hills)
Jungu-Mae 4
Shibuya Ku, Tokyo

For more information see the Dyson Homepage:

Thanks to the great folks at Dyson and the excellent team at 76.1 InterFM for a fantastic event!


diego.a said...

I love how you unified so many different things into one fun event:
* shaving your head (Shocking!)
* pushing the vacuum to its limits.
* and doing your day-job.
The stylized "d" was a nice touch.

Most radio hosts would do a "6 o'clock Kampai" show as an excuse to do interviews at bars and get blasted. Not you. You visit a shrine for industrial design and convenience. Most impressive!

Andrew Joseph said...

The Dyson vacuums are cool. If I could afford one, I would buy one. Dude... your hair? Really? One day it WON'T grow back!
But Mike... WTF was with that suit? I'm unsure if it's ugly or the best-looking suit I've ever seen! I'm really not sure...

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