Sunday, September 23, 2012

Man in Japan First in World to Own iPhone 7!!! With Photographs!!!

Yes, friends. I own the world's first iPhone 7. And I have a photo to prove it. But first, let's talk about the new iPhone 5.... (iPhone 7の写真は下)。

Beg, borrow or steal... Or wait two nights camping outside an Apple Store? Yes! Some people will do anything to get the new iPhone 5!

The new iPhone 5 finally came out yesterday!!!! For some people the wait is over.

But some of those people didn't want to wait even a few minutes extra. They wanted to be the first! Talk about customer loyalty!

Some people in Japan began lining up 2 days before the iPhone 5 went on sale!

The new iWait

Some of the more fervent fans even camped out overnight.... 


Thank god it wasn't raining, eh? What? It rained like crazy????


Wow! Hard core! And, of course, they ate healthy when they camped out by eating chocolate bars and other junk...


Others, just couldn't wait and broke into the Apple Store early in the morning and stole their iPhones (Gee, don't those things have traceable items, like serial numbers???? Just asking.) They, actually, were the very first people in the world to get the new iPhone 5 (who says crime doesn't pay?)

Other people didn't want to wait so they paid up $1500 dollars to other people to wait in line for them!!!!

My dear friend Michio and his crazy friends actually went out to the Apple Store in the Ginza and camped out overnight (for two nights?!) to make sure they got an iPhone 5... Well, he got lucky and was one of the first.

Of course, though, seriously I never wait for these things. Even though I, too, have a special relationship with Apple too! (I sleep with a Macbook Pro under my pillow! And carry a photo of Steve Jobs in my wallet!)

And now, ladies and gentlemen! What you've all been waiting for!!!! I have a Apple iPhone 7!!! Let me unveil this fantastic item to you right now.....

(セロハンテープでiPhone 3 + iPhone 4 = iPhone 7!!!素晴らしい!)

My iPhone 3 taped to the back of my iPhone 4! Get it? Three plus four equals seven! Bwa! Ha! Ha! I'm a genius! Brilliant!... 

What?! You think I'm crazy? Maybe so, but I'm not crazy enough to go out sleeping over night in the rain (or pay someone $1500 to do so in my place) for the fantastic new iPhone 5....

I'll go there next month or so and get the new iPhone 5. No rush.... I still have my iPhone 4 - which is good enough for now for little 'ol me!!!! (and the world's first iPhone 7!)

All photos (except iPhone 7) by Michio Hashimoto

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