Thursday, September 20, 2012

Water and Music Festival! Free Fun Family Event This Weekend at Heiwajima!

There's a great charity event coming up this weekend at Heiwajima that looks like great fun for the entire family! It's the "Mizu to Ongaku no Saiten" (Water and Music Festival). All proceeds will be donated to relief efforts of the disaster stricken areas in Tohoku and admission is free with a donation (of any amount!)

水と音楽の祭典 in ボートレース平和島のお話を伺いました。

The event runs from Saturday to Sunday opening at 10:30 am until 5 pm every night and it looks like it's going to be a blast!

You can do all these things for free:

*Join a free raffle to win prizes including vacation and stays at hotels
*Watch boats races (You get to bet for free and if your boat wins, you get a prize! Cool!)
*Kids can make handmade musical instruments
*The World Percussion group will perform
*There's all sort of boat rides for the kids (free!)
*Of course there's tons of real police cars, ambulances, fire engines etc, that the kids can go inside of and take pictures!
*A marching band parade
*Awa-Odori (Traditional Japanese dance) 
*A battle of the bands that includes many famous Jazz and rock and world music artists (the fans get to vote for the winners too!)
* Of course there's a food court too with all sorts of festival foods and snacks!

The Water and Music Festival sounds like a lot of fun and we are going to go this weekend. Hope to see you there too!

Here's a map to the festival:

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