Saturday, September 22, 2012

Senkaku Has Been Japan Since the 1800's. This Spat is About Chinese Elections!

The new Free Tibet or Kony 2012 hype this is all for the Chinese election, it is not about the islands. As I pointed out in Historical Chinese Records, Documents and Books Recognize Senkaku as Part of Japan:

Perhaps those who claim that the recent troubles and anti-Japanese demonstrations in China are just the Chinese government fanning the flames of nationalism to take the minds of the citizenry off of domestic problems caused by the government's incompetence could be correct? 

Our own Ryan Dawson now appears on RT and tells us about the Chinese election and all sort of scandals going on in China now. Senkaku is, as Ryan points out, a diversion...

Thanks and great work Ryan Dawson! 

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Andy "In Japan" said...

If the Senkaku islands have always been part of China, then why is there no evidence at all that the Chinese Government ever once asked the Untied States to return control of the islands between 1945 and 1972. During that time, the USA controlled the islands and it would have been simple for the Chinese Government to claim ownership, demand the islands return, or otherwise protest US control. But no, they never mentioned anything until the USA moved to return the islands to Japan in 1972.

The islands were empty and unclaimed when Japan arrived in the late 1800's and they legally took control, having a couple hundred Japanese citizens living there and working in the fishing industry. Again, no evidence at all that the Chinese Government ever once protested the fact of Japanese people living and working on the Senkakus in that era.

I'd be happy to hear opposing FACTS, but all I hear is foot stomping and angry claims of ownership, like a 5 year old child on a playground who grabs a toy and says "it's MINE!".

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