Facebook is a Waste of Time...

I quit Facebook last night...


I know I said I woud do that before but I came back...

Really, though, Facebook is getting worse.... I hate placing photos of me and friends and then having some cretin insult my friends....

I'm tired of being invited to events and shows 6000 kilometers away....

......I'm tired of being asked to "Like" or "Share" photos of sick animals, the end of the world, nuclear disaster, diseases....

...I don't like being "poked" (whatever that means, anyway)....

..I don't want to see anymore pictures of people's stupid food..

I want to go back to living with real people in the real world...

...Facebook is a waste of time...

Today's Facebook action. Closes at $17.73

Facebook action over these last 5 months: Down 61%


diego.a said…
What made you go back? Was it all your friends whining, "Why don't you have a Facebook?", over and over again?
Bingo!!!! Now, it seems that several people are mad at me for deleting my account! Jesus! Like a stalker girlfriend!!! I didn't un-friend anyone... I just deleted an account
diego.a said…
That is happening to you too?! You have my sympathies.

I do hope you write about it more. You are not the only one who encountered people who sincerely believe having a Fb account is as important as knowing how to tie shoelaces together.
Anonymous said…
Well, I will miss your sanity on there. You actually made a great deal of headway against the TV, in our household.

Jason B
Anonymous said…
stalker-girlfriend... never had one of those. I imagine it to be kind of fun, the opposite of something you'd see in a TV episode. But I could be wrong. ?

And HEY, I've been waiting and waiting for you to write a blog entry about TV so I could post an observation I made.

I'm tired of waiting, so here it is:

In case you didn't know, a HUGE milestone has been reached on the path to the demise of television.

My somewhat affluent neighborhood Goodwill Industries thrift store put up several notices on their doors which went along the lines of: We Will No Longer Accept Television Sets As Donations.

They went on to state how TV's are very hard to sell/don't sell at all/ and are very costly to get rid of if they don't sell.

It appears Goodwill has a contract with PC makers to "recycle" used PC's,... maybe they had one with TV manufacturers (likely paid for with T.A.R.P. money) and the contact ran out?

I thought it was odd the less affluent Salvation Army Thrift Stores in my area had a similar sign up on their doors at about the same time.

Whatever the reason or the case, that this is happening is a Very HUGE milestone in the saga of the demise of television.
Imho, anyway.

... Dang, and now People have to pay money or haul them to the trash can to get rid of their old TV sets rather than ship them off to Goodwill or have the Salvation Army come pick them up.
Such tragedy.

Also, it's kind of funny(and sad) to see People trying to sell TV's at garage sales, no one buys them and the wishing prices are ... nuts.


I did miss the People on Facebook at first, but it wore off,... except for this one girl. But not because she's pretty and likes me, but because she buys gold and silver... and she preps. I do miss her comments somewhat from time to time. ... so I'm sitting here trying to convey my thoughts on this when I suddenly notice in the glow from the PC that my hands are all wrinkly, I hadn't exactly noticed before,... oh crap! I have the hands of an old man! ... I bend my fingers and the wrinkles almost all disappear... which makes me feel a bit better. ... Is that why some People get on Facebook? To ignore the wrinkles of life? Not just of old age but of any nature, you know, the speed bumps of life?
Obviously the rest of the people are there to be mini-stars - see me, don't feel me, don't touch me, just see me and "LIKE" me?

It's all crazy.

- clark

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