Friday, July 2, 2010

My Latest Article on Lew Rockwell: Junko Mihara Runs For Political Office in Japan...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Once again, today, just for a moment, I'd like to ask that you good folks take a moment away from the Social Marketing and the advertising, PR and promotion.  Drop the Twitter, blogs, video blogs, Mixi, Facebook, Pick and anything on the Internet in general for just 5 minutes.

Here I always blog about Marketing Japan and how to do intelligent business in this country... But, you need to understand what kind of animal Japan really is if you are to do business here. That's the reason for today's blog.

Former J-Pop Idol singer Junko Mihara is running for political office in Japan

That's why today I'd like to ask you to take a short trip with me to see just how wacky Japan can be.... I love Japan!

Later today, on Lew Rockwell, my latest article about Japan will be published, but here's a chance for you to read it first.

A famous J-Pop Idol, former teenybopper singer and former actress named Junko Mihara is running for political office and this is absolutely hilarious. It is even more hilarious when you consider the fact that these people are dead serious about their business. You just cannot make this stuff up!

I promise that this will have you laughing out loud. It did me.

Check out the article here:


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Anonymous said...

Cool. Japan has their own Sarah Palin now. Congrats!

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